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Online shopping and e-commerce have been very trendy lately, as people spend more time indulged in it rather than shopping malls and normal retail shops. Indeed everyone has a reason for that, and I would say a valid reason.

Most of the people search for e-commerce sites for clothing, electronics or technology related stuff because of obvious reasons such as the variety of products and really catchy prices and discounts as compared to the retail stores.

But If somebody asks me I’ll say I still do not trust much of online shopping if I’m looking for clothing, but I trust if I’m looking for gadgets or technology stuffs as e-commerce sites are easily accessible to the customer directly and since they provide options to compare price and features before buying, hence customers find this more convincing and one can do everything sitting on their desk rather than travelling kilometres to mall or store and bargain for minor discounts.

Most of the E-Commerce sites are focused on providing more and more options to the buyer related to technology and they provide facilities like an easy option to buy, free delivery and easy return. Indeed they provide very catchy deals but u needs to be careful while shopping online.

Careful about the website, seller and the product. There are tons of websites which don’t have any quality control and they are selling clone products or fake products. I don’t want to mention those names but some of them are a big player. So before buying any product be aware of those sites and be very careful while buying and just don’t run with catchy discounts that might lead you to a fake product.

Of course, you have an option to return items but sometimes they don’t respond and even if they do refund you will waste your precious time. Before buying the product you should do some research on placing your order, ideally at least a few things which can save you money and time.

If you are 100% sure that you are going to buy a specific product then you should watch few more similar products in that range and maybe you will find a better option than U already had earlier selected. Do some price comparison, search same product on different E-Commerce site and you will get a sense on the rough idea of the product.

The only price doesn’t matter as a product must have a valid guaranty/warranty which you need to keep in mind, so always do a proper check, if they are providing proper warranty/guarantee. Taking about warranty always go with the seller who provides manufacturer warranty if the warranty is applicable to the product.

Don’t waste chance of getting discounts, as just by doing a quick search and you will get tons of coupons and codes to avail the discounts, you can browse to one of the popular couponing websites like CupoNation, where you will find very good offers and they have tie-ups with almost every major online shopping site, so you will definitely find your relevant coupons. Okay now you also got the discount 🙂 but be sure that the product you are buying is genuine from a genuine seller.

So before jumping to payment, read the customer reviews and you will get a real-time idea about the performance/quality of products verified by buyers who have already used the product. You can browse and read reviews on a few others sites also to get more idea about the product. Read the seller review and seller rating as this is also important to be sure about the seller.

If you are still not sure you can send a private message to seller or you can also call the seller they won’t fake most of the time. Yeah, it’s ironic but most of the cases seller will admit if the product is genuine or not.

If you are buying some specific product first time and don’t know much about the product try to get more and more information possible but if you are sure about the product to try to find the best deal available and try to know more and more about the seller.

It sounds too much work and headache buying products online but if you compare this option to buying things from the market you will be still saving a lot of your time and money as well.


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