Google Launches a Web Reader for Google Play Magazines

Google Launches A Web Reader For Google Play Magazines - techinfoBiT

Google has announced the addition of an online magazine reader this week, which works within its Google Play media and applications store. From the Magazines section of Google Play a user can search for, purchase, subscribe to, and now, read magazines right in the Chrome web browser, it will also allow you to purchase on the subscription basis via an Android phone, tablet or the web (for non-Android users).

Many of the publishers aren’t offering much else beyond a digital copy of their printed pages, Google estimates that around 10% of the magazines housed in the Play Store at present offer some sort of “interactivity.” That means clickable content and media, a table of contents linked to the articles, and more. In other words – not just a PDF thrown up on the web with a price tag attached.

If you wanted to read the magazines in Chrome, you just need to go to your purchase, a “Read” button will appear beneath the “Subscribe” button on the left-hand side of the magazine’s listing in the Play Store. Click the Read button to launch the Web Reader. The Reader offers a sidebar detailing the various sections, zoom controls, and a full screen button.





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