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I know that many people know about this but I can’t stop myself to post about this fabulous product from Google……. its Google mobile search by this you can search net by texting.
It’s exactly like texting (smsing) Google have a 10 digit number for searching through sms and one more thing is that you have to pay normal sms charge, means if u are using sms pack then you don’t need to even pay for sms’s for your search………… I have used this service for most of my work while I m traveling or whenever I m at my village where I can’t use net even on my laptop because no any network works properly there. But when I have something to know like cricket score, pnr status , any words, some more common daily thing that we searching on Google then I use this service.
I am satisfied with all these search and results.
Its very simple to use………………..
1. Open text message ? create new message.
2. Write what you looking for in text box..
3. Send to 9773300000.

You will receive your desired result soon as a text message, accuracy of your result depend upon your capability and searching intelligence of entering keyword as search input.
For PNR status just send only ur PNR number to 9773300000 you will got all information about ticket including charting status and date and time of journey.
Looking for hotel in any city just enter city name and hotel like purnia(city name) hotel, you will got list of hotel in the city including telephone number..
Reply next to more result more to more about given page………!!!!!!


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