How To Block Any Website On Your Computer

How To Block Any Website On Your Computer

There can be many reasons to block a website or web URLs, but if you are wondering how to do that then here in this small “how-to” post  I will guide you to block any website without installing any apps or plugins.

  1. Just Open “Run”:- (win+R)
  2. Type “Drivers”
  3. click on “OK”
  4. Open folder “etc”
  5. open “hosts”:- (its type is fle not ICS file because here two file named hosts)
  6. open with “notepad”
  7. Add this line to the end of the page
  8. #
  9. Just change to that website which you want to block. e.g: “” or “”
  10. now again open “run prompt” ::::::(win+R)
  11. type “ipconfig /flushdns” ::::::(exact with space)
  12. click OK

Job Done…!!

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