How To Choose Between Cloud Storage Services Like Google Drive And Dropbox

How To Choose Between Cloud Storage Services Like Google Drive And Dropbox-techinfoBiT
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Cloud storage is in the news because of the launch of Google Drive and the relaunch of Microsoft’s Skydrive. If you are looking for the Cloud Storage services then there are few more good competitors of Google Drive such as Dropbox and SugarSync, you’ve now got lots of good choices for storing files online.

All these services work in pretty much the same way: You just need to download their application login or signup with your email account, create folder and start storing the files; all your files and folder saved within the root folder of these application on your system will start syncing to cloud which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. With so many options available, which ones should you choose? Depending on your needs, the answer could be difficult rather confusing. Here’s are some of the best cloud storage services right now, and why you should consider using them:

Google Drive by Google

Key features: 5 GB of free cloud storage, cheap monthly rates for extra storage,  File size limit of 10 GB, linked with all other Google products and services.

Google Drive is the result of a futuristic vision of search giant Google, Drive is already tied into Google Docs, and in the process to integrate with all other Google Product and services including the Android. Eventually, Google’s Chromebooks will use Google Drive in place of local storage, so everything users do gets stored online. Google Drive offering a generous file size limits of 5 GB  and low monthly paid rates, starting at $2.49 per month for 25 GB in case you want to increase the limit of your Google Drive size.


Main features: 2 GB of free storage, Application for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

Dropbox is offering only 2 GB free storage limit still being used by large number of users around the globe because of its ease of access and user friendly features and application interface. However Dropbox is still just a Startup. It allows you to easily share the file just by storing at one place, you can store the file on Dropbox and easily share the link with everyone anytime. If you’re syncing between several computers, Dropbox also has a useful feature called selective sync, which lets decide which local you wanted to sync with cloud. It comes in handy if you have a computer that’s low on storage, and don’t want to clog it with all your Dropbox files.

Microsoft Skydrive

Main features: 7 GB of free storage, the best annual paid rates, remote access to other PCs

SkyDrive by MicroSoft provides 7 GB of free storage which is more than most of the service, and if you were already a SkyDrive user before April 22, you can get an extra 18 GB free for a limited time period. Like the Google Drive, if you want to expand the storage limit or if you want more storage then you can also get the SkyDrive’s paid storage which is also the cheaper, you can get 20GB of extra storage at $10 per year. User who are having multiple Windows PC may find this more useful since it has a emote access features that allow users to grab files from any folder on another Windows machine, even if it’s not synced with Skydrive. Although Skydrive is a Microsoft product, official apps are available for all apple products, but official app is not for the Android users so till Microsoft launch the official app for Android so you will have to use the third-party apps instead.


Main features: 5 GB of free storage, no file size limits, sync to any desktop folder.

SugarSync may not have the huge free storage limit or the cheaper premium storage limit but it’s the only service that syncs with any folder on your computer instead of creating its own space on your hard drive. You can add your any existing files or folders and SugarSync will make online backups of those files in the background. If all you want is a way to automatically back up your most precious documents online, SugarSync does it with the least amount of effort.

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