How To Convert Text Contents-Text File To Audio File


Today I m sharing trick about “How to convert text file/text content into audio file”.   Yes you can make mp3 of your favorite eBook, or any text content. You can convert text content into mp3 format, later you can play and listen converted audio file with any mp3 supported device like cellphone, media player, mp3 player etc. You can also listen the text written in your MS Word file directly from MS Word Window. This all could be done by an application called TextAloud.

TextAloud is a shareware application you may download its trial version from its official website, you may require purchasing the full version of application to enjoy its full potential.

You can download trial version by clicking here.

This is a another excellent application, it is able to make mp3 file of your text content. TextAloud also add a plugin to MS Word that provide you an option to listen your text while you writing something in MS Word (Tried with MS Word 2007 only).

Follow these steps to convert text to audio.

Making mp3 of text Document:

1. Download and install TextAloud.

2. After coplete the installation process open the TextAlod window.

2. Paste any English text from anywhere in the TextAloud.

3.  Click on To file button and choose the target folder where you wish to save the converted audio file and click on ok.

TextAloud will convert your text to mp3 within minute, now open and play the audio version of your text content.

Use in MS Word 2007:

Text Aloud automatically ad plugin to the MS Word and add a option on the menu bar named TextAloud to listen your text content

Click on TextAloud  >>  click on speak button.

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