How To Create System Restore Point In Windows 7


System restore is an excellent option to troubleshoot your system. So what is system restore?

System Restore is option in windows operating system that restore you computer to earlier created restore point without effecting any of your documents its only change settings and hardware and software change in your computer after the creating restore point. If when your computer is working fine just create a System Restore Point to be safe from any system fault situation. To create the system restore point just follow these following steps…!!

1. Right click on My Computer and then click on Properties.

>>> Or go to Control Panel  >>> Open System

2. A system properties window will open, view below screenshot

3. Click on System Protection.(If System Properties window open other tab by default)

4. A new small window will open where you have option tab like “computer name, hardware, advance, system protection, and remote. By clicking on System Protection in step 3. You will automatically bring to system protection tab where you have to be.

5. Click on create button(see above image)

6. Put any restore point name and click on and create.

After few seconds you will get successful message.

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