How To Fix C/C++ Compiler Compatibility Issues On Windows 7 | How-to Install Turbo CPP on Windows 7

How To Fix C/C++ Compiler Compatibility Issues In Windows 7 | How-to Install Turbo C++ on Windows 7 - techinfoBiT

I have got many queries for a 64bit compiler of C, and questions like “could I install turbo C++ on windows 7 64-bit or 32-bit” and also many queries about the compatibility issues of some XP compatible software on windows 7 either 32bit or 64bit.

Both 32bit(x86) and 64bit(x64) is a standard of system architecture. There are the solutions for all of these issues.

To know in details about system architecture search refer Wikipedia.

Due to the different system architecture, many tools/Softwares may not work properly on all systems, in that case, you need to check if the application is fully compatible with your current system architecture.

Now the first question is “can I install turbo C++ on 32bit and 64bit machine? and the answer is yes, you can install Turbo C++ on a 32bit/64bit system. It can be installed easily but there is a complaint from users that, it is not supporting full-screen mode on 32bit Windows 7.

The problem with full-screen might be because of the resolution problem of the compiler on Windows 7 systems. Apart from this, there aren’t any other known issues running the turbo C++ or CPP on a 32bit/64bit system.

Is There Any Other Compiler for the 64-bit System?

Yes, of course there are many compilers for the different type of system architecture but those are IDE (Integrated Development Environment) designed for 32-bit and 64-bit system architecture some of them are free/open-source but few of them needs to buy, the best IDE for C/C++ programming is CodeBlock which is completely free for all users globally.

The example of shareware IDE is C-Free which comes with one-month’s free trial after one month of use it will ask you to upgrade to premium by paying the charges. Click here to download the trial version.

Examples of free/open-source IDE for C/C++ programming are Pelles, CodeBlock etc.

How-to Install Turbo C++ on Windows 7 or 64-bit system?


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