How to Install/Use Country Locked Apps In Windows 8


Some windows 8 apps are available only for specific country, but it can be used by simply changing the Windows Store language and location.

To change your Windows 8 store language & location do the following:

1. Go to the Windows 8 desktop, for instance by clicking on the Desktop icon in the Metro interface, or with a tap on the Windows-key.

2. Move the mouse cursor to the lower right corner to bring up the charms menu and click on the Settings link there.

3. In the following menu click on Control Panel

4. Locate Language there and click on the entry. Here you see a listing of all installed interface languages.

5. Click on the Change date, time or number formats link on the left sidebar.

6. Switch to the location tab there and select a different available language here. Please note that Windows Store may not support all the languages.

7. After you have made the switch, restart the operating system.

8. You should now see a different interface language and applications in the store.

Keep in mind that while this is working in the Windows 8 Release Preview, Microsoft may still make changes to the store before the final version of the operating system gets released. For now though, you can use the method to quickly change the store language and get access to different apps in the store. All previously installed apps remain accessible as well.

When you open the store the next time you will notice that it refreshes shortly after it has been opened on the system. The apps are refreshed to reflect the new location.

It turned out that changing the store location was all that was needed to find and install the application on the system. Please note that you can use this workaround to browse and install applications that are only available in specific markets. While you may do so, it may not mean that you can use the functionality they provide.

There are certain options to get around those restrictions, a VPN connection comes to mind for example, and it is likely that they will work after all.

What I do want to point out though is that some apps may appear to not be in store when they are in fact country-locked.

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