How To Make Bootable Windows Installer CD/DVD Using Windows Setup


Sometimes while installing or uninstalling a third party software some of our Windows files gets corrupt and in that case we will have to either reinstall the windows or repair the windows. So in order to install the windows we always need to have a bootable copy of the windows handy. Till now there was not any free software which would be able to make bootable DVD’s except for Nero which is a paid software. Earlier there was a freeware known as nLite which was used by system admins to make bootable DVD’s of Windows XP and Windows vista. The shortcoming of nLite was that it didn’t supported Windows 7. In case you don’t have a bootable CD but you have a blank CD then I will help you to make a Bootable CD from the Blank CD using the application named Windows Bootable Image Creator. The application is a freeware and will be used to make the bootable windows DVD. The application can be used to make bootable ISO for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. This tool is a portable application and doesn’t require installation. The tool is really simple and easy to use and you will only have to specify the windows files to create the bootable image. The application is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit edition of windows.

Windows Bootable Image Creator is a third party tool that offers a slightly different functionality. You can use it to create bootable Iso images of the setup files of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Follow the steps below to make bootable CD/DVD…!!

1. Download Application just by clicking here.

2. Don’t need to install this application so just unzip and open the file named WBI Creator.exe.

3. Select the windows version and fill the name for CD/DVD level,

>>> Setup location (location of windows setup files)

>>> Select output path where you want to save created ISO file.

>>> Click on go.

4. After few seconds you will get success message then click on close OR the folder containing ISO file will automatically open.

Job Done…!!


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