Milagrow Humantech Tablet – A Tablet For Professional Women


Milagrow Humantech’s tablet has 60 pre-installed applications in five main folders. Photo:Special Arrangement

In the rapidly growing tablet market in the country, products are now designed for specific segments, such as students and professionals.

Milagrow Humantech’s tablet for women professionals, launched in January, targets women students and professionals. It has nearly 60 pre-installed applications in five main folders, with many of them women or professional-centric.

Women go in for devices that are easy to use and carry and look for features important to them. The women’s TabTop, which runs on Android 2.3.1 operating system, is for professionals who look for a combination of a powerful device, in terms of both performance and portability, according to Rajeev Karwal, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Milagrow Business and Knowledge Solutions.

He says the product is mainly for those aged 16-45. It weighs 275 gm. and has a seven-inch multi-touch screen. Thus, it fits into a handbag easily. It comes with a special user interface for women. Some of the special applications are on fashion.

Instant alerts

The security app sends instant alerts to a set of pre-configured email IDs and phone numbers in case of a security problem.

A forced power-off of the phone or an improper exit of the application will also trigger an alert. Prolonged signal loss will send a “fail safe” message and email alert.

The alert will also include details of the last known location, direction of travel, mode of transport and vehicle number (already entered by the tablet user). Mr. Karwal estimates the total tablet consumption in the country to be a million pieces in 2012.

It is essential to create innovative and differentiating products that will address the specific needs of different segments of consumers in an exploding market, he says.



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