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I have posted similar article four year back but I thought It’s worth re-sharing today as a special post to dedicate the World Password Day. I’ve just re-write my old post to make it more informative and easy to understand. Still, you can always read my old post here.

Nowadays we all need a secure & strong password to protect our information online. You might have also registered your account on tons of websites either some social media site, forum, blog or online banking sites. A better password is the first and most important way to protect your online information and activity. Today is World Password Day so take out

Today is World Password Day(first Thursday of May) so take out few minutes from your works and remember what was the last time when you have changed your password for online accounts like facebook, Gmail, twitter, online banking etc. Let’s suppose you are changing your password frequently but still the question is are you using a strong password for your accounts? And are you using a different & unique password for all accounts?

Today is the right day to check your online account and change all your passwords with strong one to keep your online information safe and secure.

What are strong & secure passwords: – A strong and secure password includes numbers, symbols, capital letters, and lower-case letters. To make your account more secure its is necessary to use a unique password for every account on each website.

In this post, I’m going to share a useful way to create strong passwords for each online account which will also be easy to remember. It’s basically a method in which you need to categorize all of your online accounts and assign different formula for each category.

  • Categories you all online accounts eg. accounts on social media sites, mobile apps, blog, forum, banking etc
  • Create one default unique code for your password which can be your roll number of primary of secondary classes, reverse of city pin code, the reverse of birth date, first or last few digit of phone number/card number.
  • Choose one or two special characters eg @,#,$ etc
  • Choose one word/name it can be any one word which you can remember easily like your name, your favorite movie star’s name, fav sports start’s name etc.
  • Now make password format according to the group(find example table below), which will help you to make every password different, unique and easy to remember.
  • It makes ur every password unique and easy to remember with strong password strength.

You can categorize your all online web accounts and apps accounts as follows:-

 Group Type Websites Password Format
 A Most Secure Website, personal-blog, Servers, facebook, Email  (Primary),  banking, all financial account & Apps which has your personal data &  information Site Name + Word/Name +  Special  Character + Numeric  Code. Eg  emailFlash#007123
 B Secure Other Social Sites & Apps,  forums, E-Commerce sites  Eg. facebook, twitter,  IRC,  blogger, WordPress,  Flipkart, SnapDeal  etc. Site Name+ Special  Character +  Numeric Code  Eg.  twitter#007123
 C Useful Secondary Email  accounts,  Blog you following etc Site name/name+numeric  character Eg. hotmail007123
 D General/Temporary Webiste or app which  doesn’t have your any  personal data. Name & numeric code or  numeric  code only. Eg.  flash007123 or 007123

There are also few quick ways to create secure passwords like creating and alphanumeric passwords in upper-lower case alphabet combination, eg. SaTyaM1984, bondoo7(O, not zero) zero on the place of “O” and “O” on the place of 0(zero).  Such passwords are also strong and not that easy to crack. But as I said its very important to have a unique and different password for each websites.

Two-factor authentication is another brilliant feature to secure your account so if you have the option to enable the two-factor authentication you should definitely try that also. If you are enabling two-factor authentication be careful while changing you device or phone number, better keep backup passwords for safety.

I hope this will help you in managing your passwords. Let’s celebrate World Password Day by encouraging everyone to use strong & secure passwords which might help them protect their personal information online and this will also make the web safer and better place for everyone.

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