Qualcomm Is Working on their own Smartphone | Qualcomm SmartPhone Prototype Is Already In Testing


Qualcomm the well known and most successful smartphone processor manufacturer is reportedly working on their own Qualcomm smartphone. The prototype is already in testing phase. We don’t have the accurate information about the device’s specification but according to source who is working at Qualcomm, the device will be a flagship device with top specifications. Qualcomm’s this prototype packed the snapdragon 820 with its own ARMv8-A CPU core and it has Qualcomm Snapdragon Sense ID. Which uses ultrasonic waves to generate a 3D map of your finger. Snapdragon Sense ID is more secure than the current capacitive fingerprint scanner. It will have 5 to 5.6 inch UHD display, non removal battery not sure about battery size but according to source the battery backup is around 25-30 hours.
I have got these information from very reliable source but still we should wait for official confirmation.


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