How To Synchronise Cellphone Data


Technology changing everyday to improve itself better and better specially in mobile technology.  Everyday we r introduced with  new technology in cellphone and we buying new phone to being updated with new feature, but measure problem in changing phone is its data like contact, calendar, notes etc. So here I’m bloging/posting some tips to make it easy for those who want to change their cellphone.

There is three way to make it transfer/syncing data safely. First is syncing phone to phone via Bluetooth. 2nd by backing up and restoring data by pc suit.

3rd is easiest way just like copy paste.

Syncing data phone to phone via Bluetooth

1. Paired both cellphone via Bluetooth.

2.  Go to setting of source phone from which u want to syncing data and select sync and backup.

3. Select phone switch

4. Select the data that u want to sync, copy to this or copy from this.

5. Mark the checkbox of data topic like contact, message, notes ….. that u want to syncing.

Remember syncing message is take lots time and many times it cause some error while syncing so try to avoid syncing message if it is not necessary.

6. Select done your source phone automatically find remote paired phone via Bluetooth.

7. Select the destination phone.

Syncing is started choose yes if you will ask by the destination phone.


Syncing data by backup and restore method

1. Connect the phone to pc either usb or Bluetooth.

2. Open pc suit and select option backup and restore.

3. Select backup by clicking on –> in nokia pc suit) in front of backup option.

4. Check the data topic that you want to sync click  –>

5. Click on –> to start back up proces

After finishing backup process close the application and disconnect the phone and connect the destination data phone select it from pc suit if it is already attached.

And follow the steps….

1.  Select the backup and restore option.

2. Click on –> in front of restore backup file option.

3. Click on –> again

4. Check the data option that u want to restore or tick in the box that u made backup and click à to start backup.

After couple of minute ur data will stored in destination phone the system may restart your phone automatically after restart and your data will stored in ur phone.

Note- don’t tick data on memory card, profiles setting it may cause error while restoring in another phone and takes lots of time.

——————-#####———————#####———————–#####———————–##### ——————-

3rd  Is copy paste method connect both phone and follow the steps.
1. Open pc suit, select source phone.

2. Open contact copy all contact by ctrl+a and ctrl+c in contact field.
3. Select another phone open contact in contact field paste contact by pressing ctrl+v.

Similarly Copy paste other data like calendar,SMS and notes etc.

I hope it will helpful for people who want to sync their data safely.

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