The Top VOIP Integrations for Businesses

The Top VOIP Integrations for Businesses-techinfoBiT

As a business owner, software integrations are your best friend. Finding ways to streamline your processes and become more efficient are imperative to your success. The ability to integrate software means minimizing disorganization and maximizing productivity.

Disorganization becomes stressful very quickly and also increases the time needed to perform even the simplest tasks. The more features, the better, and VOIP phone systems have many of them. Your VOIP has the capabilities to integrate into other aspects of your business. Knowing these integrations will allow you to be able to utilize them for positive outcomes.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Manually inputting customer details into your chosen CRM is tedious and time-consuming. When it comes to tracking phone calls and conversations, there was never another option besides manual entry. Now, your VOIP phone system can integrate directly into your CRM and provide you with the opportunity to create a high-quality customer experience.

When a customer dials in, the CRM integration will pull up a customer profile. Your customer service team will be able to see any details that you have on this customer, including purchase history and data regarding past interactions. By knowing this information, your staff can provide a better customer experience.

You’ll also get access to analytics regarding the types of calls you are receiving and how that relates to other efforts within your business, such as marketing. For example, if you publish some new queries in your FAQs section of your website, does it help reduce calls about that issue? Integration between your VOIP and CRM is the most effective integration out there.


It may seem trivial, but click-to-dial integration can save hours of valuable time. Click-to-dial means no longer having to manually dial numbers each time you call someone. If you have a sales team that is making constant calls each day, then this can dramatically boost efficiency. Your staff only needs to click on the number, and it will automatically dial out for them. Beyond saving time, it also helps to prevent the human error that comes with typing in phone numbers manually.


Tracking metrics and analyzing communication data is essential to help develop your business strategies and identify if you’re meeting objectives. VOIP integration with reporting software allows you to collect valuable data from your calls, texts, and faxes. Once you’ve got this data, you can generate reports to gain insights into your client and customer communications. Again, when you manually enter data into a system, you leave yourself open to human error. The direct integration prevents errors and instantly populates reports with the data you need.

SMS Integration:

Customers often would rather communicate via SMS rather than on the phone. SMS offers flexibility since you can text from any location and at almost any time. Manually sending out texts to customers is impossible, but by integrating your VOIP phone system with SMS, you can automatically send out texts. It provides a reliable opportunity to communicate with customers without using valuable staff time. When you need to send out communications such as confirmations or authorizations, SMS is the best way to do it. You can also use this integration for service communication, sales, and marketing.


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