How To Mount A Drive In A Folder On Another Drive


This post is related to my previous post How To Hide Drive Or Partition In Windows OS.  By this method hide the drive from my computer but still you will be able to use the drive’s entire space for storage. The drive will appear just as a simple folder but the data and capacity of the entire drive can be used. You can use  the content of hidden drive/partition without unhiding them.

This method you can mount the hidden drive/partition in a folder on another drive. Follow these steps.

1. Open Disk Management

2. Remove the drive letter.

3. Again right-click on the drive and click : Change Drive Letter and Path

>>> Click on Add

4. Now select the option which says: Mount in the following empty NTFS folder.

5. Now browse to the desired location and select an empty folder or add a new folder.

6. Click Ok twice and close disk management.

7. You can check the folder which you used to mount the partition to


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