OxygenOS 2.1.0 Screwed My OnePlus 2 | OxygenOS 2.1.0 Review on OnePlus 2


OnePlus changed the definition of OS update for me. I was very happy and satisfied with my OnePlus 2 but since they released so called major/important update OxygenOS 2.1.0, my phone got completely screwed. I have updated my device on the day OnePlus released OxygenOS 2.1.0 which was four days back. I was hoping too many improvements in my device but the result has been totally reverse. First thing if you haven’t updated your device yet please avoid this update and one more thing what I have learned after screwing up by updating my device is don’t just run for update try reading user reviews before installing any updates.
I’m having these following issues with my device now:-
1. Slow System Performance :- After installing this update my OnePlus 2 is functioning noticeably slower than earlier which we can’t expect from devices which is well known for its stunning 4GB DDR4 ram.
2. Apps in Recent Apps Splitting :- For me this is not new, I have seen this issue in CM11 and CM12 on OnePlus One. When you have only one app open >> tap on recent button >> you will notice the the app is splitting while going to recent apps view… I can’t believe OnePlus is still carrying Cyanogenmod’s bugs. (Watch the video to see the demo).
3. Facebook Apps Isn’t Working :- As I remember, OnePlus said in its OxygenOs 2.1.0 changelog

“Fixed some issues that were causing problems with popular 3rd party apps.”

I don’t know what you really meant with this statement because facebook application is crashing very badly no matter how many times I try,  it will crash before opening anything.  Whereas I’m able to open notifications on facebook app but not able to view  timeline/home page (See the video for proof).
4. Fingerprint Sensor Issue :- OnePlus might be very proud for introducing fingerprint sensor, even I was enjoying this practically important feature but not anymore, thanks to OxygenOS 2.1.0 update. I should say sensor is still working fast but sometimes, infact many times after pressing fingerprint sensor, the device vibrates and nothing else happen, it remains locked.
5. Hardware Button Issues :- Hardware button acts bit lazy sometime and I need to tap it twice or thrice specially  the right button which I’m using as a back button.


6. Audio tuner stopped working.

7. Camera Bug :- There are many people who mentioned about this issue on OnePlus forum. There is issue with camera flash, phone freezing if you click image with flash.

There are many other issues like the time taken by apps to open is long and has a delayed response, and I don’t know whether the issue is with touch response or the apps itself are responding slow but its very frustrating specially from OnePlus. I had OnePlus One and after that I become the big fan of OnePlus, so it hurts because we have very high expectations from OnePlus.

Overall Conclusion: OnePlus has really amazing hardware and design but the device is lacking in OS which is the most important part of cellphone manufacturers. Best example is iPhone and its performance is better than any flagship mobile devices even with its minimal hardware,  as compared to other flagships. Its only because iPhone’s Operating System works. There is no use of 4GB DDR4 RAM if its not able to open facebook and if its taking 2-3 second to open the settings page. OnePlus One been very successful because it has Cyanogenmod OS and I hope we will also get Cyanogenmod for OnePlus 2.
I think OnePlus should work hard on OxygenOS and even harder on QA/Testing before these issues starts killing their business. Seeding bug free update is more important than seeding update sooner so take your time before seeding any update so that users will not face any lag in performance. In the video you will see once the screen was totally dead I was taping everywhere to open the recent app or just close but it was not responding. Really..!! can we call this device  “flagship killer 2016” 🙂

I thought these issues might be because of cache and all so I tried wiping cache, factory reset and wipe data and cache from recovery mode nothing works.

I’m sharing two videos which I have recorded using screen recorder just to show you guys what is exactly happening with my device. I’m also attaching two screenshot of Google Play Music(see the background) which I forget to record while screen recording.

Screenshot_2015-09-23-17-32-29 Screenshot_2015-09-23-17-31-00


  1. I am facing much problems especially with phone app.i vexed with.becaase ii is hanging and couldn’t attend phone calls after the recent updating.i did a blunder by updating this and don’t know how to rectify it.you have suggested for factory settings.if I do so all my personal data will be erased. What is the remedy for this??kindly guide me

  2. Hi Nishant,

    I completely agree with you.

    I face all the above issues with the new update.

    This is heavily disappointing as I just got my phone two days back and saw the update and was expecting the experience to be much better with the update which has completely reversed.

    I hope they fix this ASAP. I am quite concerned now and think this is not a one-off problem, this could happen with the other aspects of this phone too. #worried

  3. to get around the facebook problem I have installed an older version of facebook app v41 and set it in play store not to update, this works for me…other people suggested v42, v46 or v47 but they didnt work for me. Just google an older version and try out.

    • Yeah I knew Kushal and even OnePlus knows… But only solution is call OnePlus guys and ask them to flash your device with older version of OxygenOS which is OxygenOS 2.0.2.


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