RapidDrive 1.0: Windows Based Application by Rapidshare

RapidDrive 1.0: Windows Based Application By RapidShare - techinfoBiT

The file cloud data hosting company Rapidshare had announced a huge change in its business model that would turn it around almost completely. Files that are hosted on Rapidshare from today on have a limited bandwidth quota that resets each day. The paid user bandwidth quote, for instance, has been set to 30 GB of traffic per day, while uploads by free users are limited to 1 GB of traffic per day. So once you reached the quote you or anyone less will not be able to use the cloud data link you had shared, all download link and accessing uploaded data via any medium will be paused temporarily till your bandwidth quota get renewed.

Rapidshare’s previous system did not limit the total download bandwidth of a file, a fact that made the service attractive for users who needed to distribute files to a large audience.

Rapidshare users who only download files from the service benefit from the change, as download speeds are no longer artificially limited by the other hosts.

Rapidshare today announced the availability of RapidDrive 1.0, a software for Windows that enables Rapidshare account owners to manage their files right from Windows Explorer. Files and folders can be accessed like any other hard drive that is currently connected to the PC.

You will get the upload progress while files are being transferred via RapidDrive 1.0, You can furthermore integrate the feature in the right-click eg. right click on any file that you want to store on cloud and get the option to sync with the RapidDrive.

Limiting the download quota or the public traffic is definitely going to be a deal breaker for those who store files on the cloud and share it on their blog or websites. 30 GB per day may sound like a lot, but if you are sharing big files via Rapidshare then this won’t take much time to exhaust.




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