Some Free Tools to Manage Your Files on Windows

Some Free Tools to Manage Your Files on Windows - techinfoBiT

Everything – For Instant Search

Nowadays, the 500GB hard drive is the most common and we should part of the basic configuration when you building a PC or buying a laptop. Windows has its own search feature but we all know very well that how efficient that is when it comes to searching the massive data on your PC. When you are looking for documents or a file default Window search will go through each and every files and folder which is slow and source hunger process. So I have found this tools called Everything, its an instant search application built for the Windows systems.

The first time you install the software, it indexes the contents on your hard drive. The program then sits unobtrusively in your system tray till you double-click its icon. To search, simply type the name of the file you are looking for, and the software will serve it up to you without making you wait for the file.


Elyse – Tag Files

Elyse is basically a file management application, instead of keeping multiple copies of the file, Elyse brings a smart ‘tagging’ system. You need not to keep the files inside multiple folders when you are organizing the file specially photos on your system. If there are photos that fit in multiple folders then you need not to keep it in multiple folders like profile pics, the party it was clicked in, or by date; the original photos will be in a single folder and you will be able to tag it in other folders this will save your storage.


TeraCopy – A Better Way to Copy Files

Copy and paste is one of the most common feature that we use on daily basis either it’s Windows system or any other system but have face the issues like you are copying a big file and the process got interrupted due to some reason and then you will have to start the process from beginning, isn’t that frustrating. I do not find the default copy option efficient enough and that’s why I am trusting TeraCopy

TeraCopy features full shell integration, which means that it replaces the default Explorer copy tool so you don’t have to start the program each time you are copying files.

If there is an error during copying a file TeraCopy will try multiple times to copy that file – and if that doesn’t happen, the file is skipped and the rest of the data is copied. After finishing the running transfer process you will get the information about the file that failed to transfer and then you can inspect the issue and try again. Not only that you can pause and resume the copy/transfer process.


Encrypt On Click – Protect Your Files

For me, privacy is the super important thing, and I want to keep my personal data protected but unfortunately, Windows doesn’t have any default feature to encrypt the private data you need to take help from other third-party applications. Encrypt On Click is here to help. Start the program, select the file or the folder that you want to protect, key in a password and you’re done – the file is now inaccessible to anyone without the password.

You can also right-click any file or folder and choose to ‘Open With Encrypt On Click’ to immediately lock it with a password.

Download: freeware-hub .html

File Shredder – Delete Files Permanently

Whenever you delete a file and folder from your system it’s not entirely erased from your hard drive and it can be recovered using the application designed specifically for this job.

The Delete function simply hides the file till the space it occupies is overwritten with new data. So how do you get rid of a sensitive file permanently?

File Shredder is a simple tool that gets the job done by ‘writing’ over the files multiple times with random binary data. Start the program, select the files and shred them with a button.

In the Settings tab, you can choose the type of encryption you want to use to shred the file. There’s also an option to Shred Free Disk Space. As I have mentioned earlier, a file isn’t completely gone when you delete it and that means it’s still occupying some space. To make sure your personal data should not be recovered by some tools you can make use of the File Shredder it will purge this data by rewriting over it as well.


Anti-Twin: Discover Duplicates Files on Your System

If you are using the same system for a long time then you might have encountered with the situation when finding the same file inside multiple folders and drives of your system. if the number of the file is less then you may also delete it manually but what if there are too many such files; there you could make use of the Anti Twin application. The AntiTwin will find and give the option to delete the duplicate files on your system. You will also have the option to compare the files using the file name, size, extension.

Download: www.anti-twin .com

Recuva: Undelete Data or Recover Deleted Data

Recuva is a data recovery software, it can recover the deleted files from your system even if you have deleted it from the recycle bin. However, Recuva will not be able to recover the files you had deleted using the “File Shredder” or other such tools.

After running the Recuva, you will get an option to choose the type of file that you wanted to Undelete if you know the file type or looking to undelete the specific file then it would be faster and easier for the application. Next, choose the drive where it was located or the whole PC itself. Before finishing, you will be asked whether you want to perform a ‘deep scan’ – check this option only if Recuva is unable to find your file in the first try.

After finishing the scanning you will get a list of files marked either green (easy to recover), yellow (difficult to recover) or red (permanently deleted). Sometimes, the file’s name might not be identifiable, then you have an option to see the thumbnails preview, just click on the file name to see its preview there.




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