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It matters a lot what you learn and what you do for a living but what matters more is how that will help others, how your knowledge, experience and your work will help others or the people around you. Once my father said this to me, and I guess that leads me to techinfoBiT.

techinfoBiT is a technology blog with its chief focus on How-To article, Tech Updates & Tech Reviews. With this blog my focus is on helping people utilize the maximum potential of technology and gadgets. I put up posts with the thought of how it will help a person who doesn’t know much about technology and who isn’t tech savvy. I’m trying to publish post in a manner, and of a standard that even a person who doesn’t have much knowledge about information technology can understand and utilize the article. This is how techinfoBiT is different from other tech-blogs. I’m thankful to guest writers who have contributed their works here to techinfoBiT and also maintained my thoughts in their posts.
I started blogging with the domain “nishantkundan.wordpress.com” and I used to post only how-to articles. At that time I didn’t know about the potential of blog or what exactly a blog was. I just wanted to share computer related how-to solution within a small group consisting of my friends & family members because it was boring to explain the same solution again and again individually. After few months I began to receive anonymous comments and compliments saying my post helped them in several ways. Now I started realising the visitors’ expectation and my responsibility towards my blog. I was feeling very happy that my work was helping people in need which made me passionate about blogging. And then I registered a domain named nishantkundan.com and started with just How-To posts, Tech Updates and Reviews.
It has always been my hearty wish to help people and share my knowledge and experience with the world. Very soon I began to have a feeling that blogging can give me an opportunity that I actually wanted and loved to do. Hence I registered my current domain techinfobit.com so that it could sound more professional.

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About Me

Hello folks,
My name is Nishant Kumar..!! I’m an engineer, a blogger, tech savvy, webmaster and an amateur photographer.
I’m passionate about technology, web and blogging. I’ve been blogging about technology since I was in twelfth class. However my enthusiasm and yearning for knowing technology remains the same. Or rather it has been growing and expanding every passing day.
Apart from technology, web and blogging I like watching movies especially sci-fi movies. I also like english series, some of my favorite series are Person of Interest, The Flash, Arrow, The Breaking Bad, GOT, Sherlock Holmes etc.
I follow YouTube channels like TVF, AIB, MKBHD, The Verge, Engadget, iFixit, UnboxTherapy, JonathanMorrison, TechTomorrow etc.. And I also follow many blogs some of them are engadget, TechnoBuffalo, GSMArena, TechCrunch, Hacker News, DPReview, Mashable, ShoutMeLoud, PhoneArena, FoneArena, Gadget360, TheVerge, AndroidAuthority and tons of more.
I’m very much interested in photography I really love to take landscape photographs. I admit photography has helped me to stay focused and creative. With photography one can express their vision about things and how they see the world around them. .!!
Starting from nishantkundan.wordpress.com through nishantkundan.com to www.techinfobit.com has been for me a big journey. Now it is not just a blog or website. techinfoBiT is actually a part of me.
Please visit @ nishant.xyz to know more about me, my works and details about all the services I provide.

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