Xiaomi AirDots, A Truly Wireless Budget Earphones You Were Looking For

Xiaomi AirDots, A Truly Wireless Budget Earphones You Were Looking For-techinfoBiT

Xiaomi has long been referred to as Apple of China and they have live to their promise for their pricing and provide us with a good value for money. Xiaomi’s AiDots weight around 4.2grams, making them one of the lightest TW earphones out in the market.

Xiaomi’s AirDots will automatically connect to your Bluetooth device when you put them in your ear. Bluetooth, in general, is still an issue. I’ve had my AirDots glitch on me one or two times before. Sometimes, the sound would go in and out while there was one instance where only one of my AirDots was connected. Disconnecting and connecting them again fixed the issue in no time.

The AirDots are pretty comfortable and require very little effort to place in your ear. The silicone rubber earbuds are comfortable to wear and since being in-ear they lock out the external sounds by making a natural seal. Once they are in your ears, they rarely fall out no matter how hard you shake your head.

Xiaomi AirDots, A Truly Wireless Budget Earphones You Were Looking For-techinfoBiT

For the most important part of any earphone, the sound quality. Xiaomi’s AirDots have a really good noise-cancelling feature, a powerful bass, and clear sound making it worth every penny. Unlike the headphones that sit in the outer ear, these earbuds extend into your ear canal, blocking out most sound from your surroundings. While this can provide you with some high-quality music. I wore them while walking down the super busy streets of Bengaluru City and to my surprise most of the continuous honking of bikes & cars was very much muted.


  • Automatic second connection.
  • Bluetooth 5.0, the connection is more stable.
  • 12h long battery life, with a charging box.
  • Double-ear multifunction button
  • Summon voice assistant, voice control a mobile phone.
  • Comfortable to wear, self-adjusting, not easy to fall off.
  • IPX4 waterproof, no fear of rain and sweat.

You can also make phone calls on Airdots, where you can feel its limitation. AirDot’s couldn’t filter out the background noise pretty well and won’t emphasize the person’s voice. You can hear a lot of background noise, like humming sounds from people interacting nearby, sounds of traffic, which is distracting when you have to take a call on the go. If you use earbuds a lot for phone calls, you might wanna stay away from AirDots, despite them being good at blocking background noise while listening to music.

Xiaomi AirDots, A Truly Wireless Budget Earphones You Were Looking For-techinfoBiT

To end a phone call, you can do that by just tap your AirDots. You can also single-tap either side of your AirDots to play a song, pause a song, or double-tap to open voice assistant. Google, Alexa, or Siri; AirDot’s support them all. Single tapping although it’s more of a simple gesture it actually becomes an issue. You could be adjusting your AirDots in your ear but it would register it as a tapping motion on the AirDots. In terms of connectivity, Xiaomi says the Bluetooth in AirDots can reach about 10 meters or 32 feet.

As for battery life, AirDots can last up to 4 hours with fu; charge. Xiaomi provides AirDots with a case that charges them. However, the AirDots will only show you the battery icon on your connected mobile device. There are lights on AirDots that indicate when they’re charging. You might need to end up carrying your micro USB cable for charging your AirDots instead of a Type C cable.

Overall, at Rs 1500, I say the AirDots are a great deal. These solid set of wireless earphones have most of the features of the AirPods at a fraction of the price. If you don’t want to pay the high price tag of Airpods, even if you are in Apple’s ecosystem, the Airdots may be the way to go.


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