Yahoo Cricket App Review, A One-Stop Destination for Cricket Fans

Yahoo Cricket App Review, A One-Stop Destination for Cricket Fans - techinfoBiT

I have been using multiple mobile apps and websites to stay updated about the sports matches, and news especially about the cricket events and news hence I also closely follow the changes and feature addition in these apps. The Yahoo Cricket App has improved a lot lately after the revamped the design and appearances of the application.

Nowadays, almost every application and websites are pushing different kinds of advertisements which is unavoidable unless there is an option to buy the AdFree premium version of the application or services. Some of these ads are okay and won’t disturb you much but some of the Ads and Ad Banner positions can irritate you but in Yahoo Cricket App Ads are unnoticeable, on many screens, it is not even showing the Ads that improve the user experience a lot.

I have been using the Yahoo Cricket app for quite a sometime now and it keeps getting better with every update they seed. It requires relatively less device storage on installation and also won’t eat much storage for the creating cache files.

The interface is one of the main criteria where users judge the app besides its feature, though the experience wasn’t that good on the older version of the app. Yahoo Cricket App Presents the cricket match’s data in a perfectly organized manner, it’s very easy to understand and get all the information you need about the current, upcoming and the previous matches.

Yahoo Cricket App Review, A One-Stop Destination for Cricket Fans - techinfoBiT

Loading speed is another key factor for these types of app, if you are viewing the live scores then the loading speed should have to be very quick, I am pretty sure that the data loading speed of the Yahoo Cricket App will not disappoint you even if you have an average internet speed on your phone. Now, the application also tells you to refresh the page if there are any updates or new information about the active contents, this is quite a good feature for die heart fans of cricket.

There are five options at the bottom of the app for giving directions to the data you are searching. It also updates you through notifications of every moment of the cricket which is also a good feature for cricket fans who do not want to miss any single news about cricket or live match updates. Yahoo has also added some new features which have some really interesting videos of cricket matches and other than that interviews of cricketers etc.

The only thing which Yahoo Cricket App team needs to improve is switching between the Home, Matches, IND T20 League, News, and More options at the bottom. It can still be smoother, devices with Android 9 and older, showing random lags while switching between main menus at the bottom. It can be easily fixed with an update though.

Since these options are side by side it would have been better to enable the swipe option so that user could swipe left and right to switch between these menu/options. Swipe to switch menu option will improve the user experiences, even more; again this is my personal preference many users might like the existing option which is also logical because the menu is at the bottom of the screen and very easy to tab with a single hand even for the bigger size phones.

Another enhancement I recommend is for app’s Dark Mode, It’s good that the Dark Mode is there, this is kind of a must-have feature nowadays. The DarkMode on Yahoo Cricket App needs some enhancements to complement the user experience and the app’s potential. The DarkMode is basically dark grey cloud filled all over the screens, it looks decent on phone with LCD panel but it is looking dull on the phones with AMOLED display. The overall colour combination of the app is also not appealing in the current Dark Mode of the application. I hope the next app update will bring some enhancement in the dark mode.

Following are some interesting key features of Yahoo Cricket App that most of the cricket fans will like:

Keep Track of Live Scores via Sticky Scorecard: Following a nail-biting match when you suddenly need to check another app on your phone? Now you won’t miss a minute with Yahoo Cricket’s new, unique “Sticky Scoreboard”. Available for Android users, this innovative feature allows you to continue to track live scores via the Yahoo Cricket app while using other apps on the phone.

Yahoo Cricket App Review, A One-Stop Destination for Cricket Fans - techinfoBiT

Cricket Widget: A cricket widget (Android) allows users to track live scores even when their phones are locked.

Yahoo Cricket App Review, A One-Stop Destination for Cricket Fans - techinfoBiT

Fast-track to Fantasy Research: If you’re a Fantasy Cricket fan who wants an unfair advantage, Yahoo Cricket has you sorted with its comprehensive ‘Fantasy Research’ section. Loaded with stats related to players and teams, it has the ultimate data fans need by match and player, so they can create their best team yet.

Interactive, Fan-Centric Features: Even if you can’t be in the stadium this year, Yahoo Cricket draws you into the game, making it easier, more fun, and bringing fans together to enjoy matches:

Real-Time Polls and Quizzes: Yahoo Cricket has match-specific polls integrated within the commentary. Fans can also dive into daily cricket quizzes.

Yahoo Cricket App Review, A One-Stop Destination for Cricket Fans - techinfoBiT Yahoo Cricket App Review, A One-Stop Destination for Cricket Fans - techinfoBiT


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