OnePlus 12R 256GB Variant Buyers Can Claim Full Refund Now

256GB OnePlus 12R Buyers Can Claim Full Refund Now - techinfoBiT
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OnePlus 12R buyers who bought the 256GB variant by going with the promotion that, the 16GB RAM and 256GB variant of the OnePlus 12R will feature the UFS 4.0 storage can now claim a full refund. OnePlus was promoting the 16GB RAM + 256GB storage variant of 12R featuring UFS 4.0 storage. In contrast, it has the slower UFS 3.1 storage type which OnePlus President and COO Kinder Liu later confirmed.

The company on its official community page now confirmed that all buyers of the OnePlus 12R with 256GB storage are entitled to a full refund; 12R Buyers can claim a full refund only until 16 March 2024.

256GB OnePlus 12R Buyers Can Claim Full Refund Now - techinfoBiT
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“If you’ve received a OnePlus 12R 256GB variant and want to discuss the situation with the file system type on your phone, please contact Customer Service through your usual channel. They will be able to discuss next steps with you, up to and including a refund until 16th March 2024.

We’re still confident that OnePlus 12R lives up to the high expectations you have of our devices, and that you will love it when you try it. But I also hope that our quick action shows that we value our relationship with you, and our Community, and has helped restore your trust in us.” – Kinder Liu, OnePlus President and COO

OnePlus has made the right decision by offering a complete refund for the buyers of the OnePlus 12R 256GB variant; This would have been even better if OnePlus had offered ₹3-4K refund in the form of a OnePlus or Amazon gift card for those who willing to keep the phone because if someone wants to keep the phone ignoring the UFS 4.0 storage issues they should be treated well for their trust with the brand.

OnePlus 12R 256GB variant buyers who are looking for a complete refund due to misinformation about the UFS 4.0 storage can contact OnePlus customer care on or before March 16 and raise the refund request.

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