5 Effective Tips For Freelance Writers To Avoid Plagiarism

5 Effective Tips For Freelance Writers To Avoid Plagiarism-Sonal Patnaik-techinfoBiT
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Why plagiarism checkers for freelancers are needed?

Plagiarism, in short, is the theft of information. It delves mostly in the realm of academics and research papers. However, this wrong move is disliked by most people at large. So it is necessary to avoid such an act solely. But how?

Tips For Freelance Writers To Avoid Plagiarism

That remains a critical question because not all plagiarism is done intentionally. Certain phrases of a specific topic might become the same accidentally for both the creator and the one who received that idea. Some ways are cited by tech experts to avoid such plagiarism.
Moreover, a research paper or a piece of the writeup must always be fresh and the creation of one’s own.

5 Effective Tips For Freelance Writers To Avoid Plagiarism-techinfoBiT
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A writer must aim to create a piece of one’s own with full sole and creativity. But in this era of technology, it is never a harm to gather ideas and knowledge from across the internet. However, it is even essential for the writer or freelancer to put the citation or source of her idea.

It evades the chances of the piece being tagged plagiarised. It even depicts the gratitude and respect shown to the original author, lest the piece can be framed with the talent of the freelance writer.

Quote Every Possible Renowned Phrase:

For a freelancer, his/her writing skills depend not only on her talent but also on the way her piece is presented. The orientation of words, phrases, citations, even quotations at the right place in the aptest way is another skill of expert writers. But quoting the lines of other authors is a way of paying tribute to them.

Quotation With Proper Credits Make The Blog Popular Among All

It again helps in creating a plagiarism-free writeup, and fingers can’t be pointed at the writer that easily. Suppose a vlogger wish to post a travel blog along with a travel video she needs help and idea from other bloggers. So quotations in between one’s phrases even add to the rhythm of the sentence.

Paraphrase Idea:

As is discussed before, borrowing ideas from the internet is not a crime. But without quoting or citing the original idea, it’s unethical to publish it as one’s own. This theft is disrespectful to the whole community of writers who work hard to develop a piece of art.

So the exact copy-paste of any idea is never justified. The theme available elsewhere on the internet must be paraphrased before publishing it on social media or other internet platforms.

Now, you may opt for manual paraphrasing but considering an online paraphrasing tool is a better option. The paraphrasing tool online uses advance algorithms to make your content unique by replacing the plagiarized words with their synonyms. This happens in the way that the original meaning remains the same.

A new creation:

Be it a freelancing or a research paper, thinking about a new topic always creates awe and interest in readers. So it is a different way again safeguards a write up from plagiarism. There are several themes and ideas on a specific topic.

But to rethink an idea that is the thought of a person’s inner mind is very difficult to search. But a detailed and attentive study can lead to a similar strain of thought, with a touch of innovation given by the freelancer.

5 Effective Tips For Freelance Writers To Avoid Plagiarism-Sonal Patnaik-techinfoBiT
Image Credit: pixabay.com

Plagiarism Checker for Freelancers:

Despite implementing all the above methods, the help of technology is a must. It is the final touch that is given to a perfectly plagiarism-free piece. Several plagiarism checkers for freelancers are available all over the net for free. Paid or premium versions, too, are available for business use.

Apart from that, normal users like academicians, freelancers can use the free version. The online plagiarism checkers correctly clean the possibility of any plagiarism and passes a clean chit for the same.

Research papers receive a next-level help from such plagiarism checkers. These checkers correct grammatical errors and syntax errors. So the hundred percent assured papers are ready for publication after the final step is over.

The vast discussion on plagiarism time and again, published throughout the internet and social media are intending to increase awareness and lower the tendency of intentional plagiarism. The unintentional move does not need more of a discussion.

It can be evaded with a minute and attentive reading of the written piece. But the more planned and intentional move is typically wrong. It must be avoided and not practised in any circumstances.

Instead, it’s better to keep a good practice and make the same a habit while writing. Human brains are not constructed with the same merit, knowledge, and idea. It varies from person to person. That is the evidence of every writer’s uniqueness of thought.

So a constant practice can nourish an enthusiast’s mind with ideas not thought of before. The collaboration of several ideas, too, can develop new research or topic for freelancing. Writing is an art that can neither be created by force nor can be destroyed by copying from others.

Such copied texts lack originality, warmth, and innovation of a writer. It ends up into nothingness, and the quest to reach the zenith of this art remains an unfulfilled dream forever. So stop plagiarism.


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