Bitdefender, A Reliable Premium VPN and Free Anti Virus for Mobile and PC

Bitdefender, A Reliable Premium VPN and Free Anti Virus for Mobile and PC

Nowadays, data is the most important thing for anyone, whether parked on a cloud or your system. Data stored on the cloud have different levels of securities protocols to maintain its privacy. But what about the data hosted on your laptop, desktop, or mobile phone? Are they protected as well?

Data and system security are more critical on the user’s system level. You may not always have sensitive and confidential data on the cloud, but the chances of having the sensitive data on the local machine are higher. When we talk about the system’s vulnerability, then a laptop, desktop, and phones we use as our daily drivers are more vulnerable. Hence, it needs a strong layer of security and protection.

I have used multiple applications for system security on my PC and Phones. Most of these are free antivirus and good with essential system protections. However, a user should prefer the Premium VPN for unthrottled, secure, and flawless internet access when it comes to the VPN.

Bitdefender, A Reliable Premium VPN and Free Anti Virus for Mobile and PC

Bitdefender Premium VPN would be one of the most reliable choices as Paid VPN for PC and phone. Like most VPN services, it makes you invisible on the internet by hiding your IP address, encrypting your data without saving logs. Bitdefender Premium VPN is the right choice if you do not want anyone to see what you’re doing and you can access the international content without any restriction.

Bitdefender is a global leader in cybersecurity, protecting millions of consumer and business environments since 2001. Other notable products are Bitdefender Internet Security, Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus.

Key features of Bitdefender Premium VPN:

  • Access to Netflix US content from anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited encrypted traffic for up to 10 devices
  • Complete online protection and anonymity
  • Safe online media streaming and downloads
  • No traffic logs
  • 1,300+ servers around the world
  • Available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices

Secure Traffic on Public Networks with Bitdefender Premium VPN:

Public networks like airports, lounges, hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls are easy targets for those trying to capture and exploit your traffic. Connect your virtual private network to any of our servers to secure your traffic with military-grade encryption, making it impossible for anyone to access it.

Bypass the ISP Throttling:

Pressure on ISP infrastructure is constantly increasing, especially during these times. Not all of them can keep up with the demand, and some may choose to cap your bandwidth, depending on the type of traffic you are doing. It can affect your experience while gaming or streaming your favourite show in HD. With Bitdefender Premium VPN, your traffic is encrypted, and no one can track what you are doing online, not even your ISP.

Protection Against Targeted Attacks:

A secure VPN service such as Bitdefender Premium VPN is beneficial when you are gaming. Your opponent is trying to gain that extra edge by employing unorthodox methods such as DDoS attacks to slow you down.


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