CloudWalker Has Released Range Of Smart TV Called Cloud TV

CloudWalker Has Released Range Of Smart TV Called Cloud TV - techinfoBiT

CloudWalker is a Mumbai-based tech start-up which is working on the idea to make the Smart TV smarter. Recently CloudWalker has released a range of cloudTV which they quoted as “The Smartest SmartTV”. CloudWalker’s CloudTV are basically an Android based smartTV with all the features you may expect out of any basic Android devices, CloudTV has a unique user interface powered by CDE (Content Discovery Engine) which curates digital content available on the internet for free, premium or freemium basis and also helps discover apps that can be viewed on TV.
CloudWalker Has Released Range Of Smart TV Called Cloud TV-techinfoBiT-CloudTVCloud TV has all the flagship features at a very reasonable price tag starting from ₹12,990/-, which may change your opinions about TV & home entertainment. Smart TV or Cloud TV sounds confusing ? just imagine an Android tablet with 65 inches 4K-UHD display with an option of streaming Live TV, Digital Dolby Sound. CloudTV comes with a super remote which has inbuilt Air Mouse along with IR features in order to quickly navigate various functions of the TV such as browsing TV channels, cloud contents and the world wide web with a flick of your wrist. The CloudTV’s remote has numerous hotkeys making the TV experience pleasant and hassle free at a single key press.
The CloudWalker’s CloudTV comes with a very attractive design, slim & sleek bezel, XLumious display, DDS, Bluetooth, Dual-WiFi, and Airplay. They have also introduced an exclusive app for CloudTV and SmartPhone called CShare which has loads of features. The app can turn your phone into remote or controller, you can enjoy all the features of CloudTV’s super remote, either with the classic remote functionality or with its unique feature called “Air Mouse”.
Having the CShare app on phone and TV you can easily mirror the phone to the TV and vice-versa, apart from basic navigations or Air Mouse feature the connected phone can also be used as a wireless keyboards and voice search input as per your need.
CloudWalker Has Released Range Of Smart TV Called Cloud TV-techinfoBiT-CloudTV-We had the privilege to experience the CloudWalker’s Cloud TV (Top Variant) at “Bangalore Tech Blogger Meet” and it was impressive at first sight with the cutting edge design and features. The company’s product head also assured us that there are many more features in the pipeline which will be delivered with the OTA software updates.

We had spent more than an hour with the product and the team which sailed us through its features and the realization is that possesses impressive user interface, display, and sound boosting. The overall performance was good even with the 1GB RAM 1.2 GHz dual core processor and 8GB internal memory but they were having very few apps installed on it, we believe that it would be very difficult to maintain the performance after installation of more apps especially the resource hunger apps because 1GB RAM is far away from what is desired when it comes to android platform.

The base model of CloudTV will have the same configuration except for 4GB internal storage instead of 8GB storage coming with higher models, the storage is expandable with the external storage devices or you can use the media content directly via storage devices but challenge remains with the apps which can be installed only on the internal memory and that is very limited.

Though the CloudWalker’s business head said that they are not planning to launch new product any soon, but we think they should launch the improved versions of CloudTV with higher RAM, better processor, and more storage and for now at least an option to upgrade the memory and storage will also much appreciable.

Follow the link below to buy it on Flipkart:-
CloudWalker Cloud TV 60cm (23.6″) HD Ready LED TV – ₹11,998
CloudWalker Cloud TV 80cm (31.5″) HD Ready Smart LED TV – ₹18,999/-
CloudWalker Cloud TV 109cm (43″) Full HD Smart LED TV – ₹29,999
CloudWalker Cloud TV 109cm (43″) Ultra HD (4K) Smart LED TV – ₹35,999
CloudWalker Cloud TV 139cm (55″) Ultra HD (4K) Smart LED TV – ₹54,999
CloudWalker Cloud TV 139cm (55″) Ultra HD (4K) Smart, Curved LED TV – ₹84,499
CloudWalker Cloud TV 165cm (65) Ultra HD (4K) Smart LED TV – ₹94,899
CloudWalker Cloud TV 165cm (65) Ultra HD (4K) Smart, Curved LED TV – ₹135,989


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