“Contact me if you feel depressed or sad” Good for Slogan But It’s Not That Simple


You may find this post irrelevant to other posts on this blog but I wanted to feature this content on techinfoBiT since it’s very important for each one of us. Almost everyone is posting status like “contact me if you feel depressed or sad etc..” on social media but I don’t think it would be that simple for a person who is suffering!

Before expecting our friends and family to tell us about their bad phases and depression we need to think are we giving that much room, empathy, and comfort to them to share such a deep and dark feelings?

We should not expect that someone will come and say “Hey I have read your post on Facebook or WhatsApp, I have such and such issues will you talk me through!” I don’t think it is that easy. And I don’t think that a person going through depression or extreme negative emotions will be courageous enough to reach out like that!

Such posts are not going to help, anyone, unless we change the way we interact with people around us. It’s not like the person facing such issues isn’t trying to get help. I believe they will scream for help but the only reason is in almost every cases that the person won’t share such feelings directly, though they will definitely give hints in different ways.

We need to see through those hints and should make them comfortable to share their sadness and feeling. We should listen to them like patience listeners and give them full attention even if someone’s problems doesn’t make much sense to us, even if their issues sounds illogical from our perspective.

Some issues appearing baseless, illogical, unimportant to us can be someone else’s unfathomable complexity of their life at the moment. We all are different and unique in ourselves; our thoughts can be similar sometimes but our thought process and way of thinking and reacting, understanding of situations around us can be completely different.

Listening to our friends and family with full attention and empathy is very necessary, it’s even more important than providing the solution to the issues. If a person is going through a rough emotional or any negative phases then the first thing they need is proper attention from friends and family.

Remember, if a person going through a rough time could be courageous enough to reach out other asking for the help then they can also deal with their negative thought process. In my opinion, depression is nothing but a chain reaction of negative thoughts/thought process and feeling when people feel alone from inside, a single positive gesture and conversation can break that chain.

Don’t expect or wait for them to reach and ask for the help, it’s nothing but an excuse to blame others. Reach out to the person you care about, talk to them and make them feel comfortable enough to share their thoughts which is making him/her depressed.

Don’t wait for them to reach out because that might never happen, take the initiative and call them if you think someone might need your help or wanted to talk. This is the time when we need to stay connected with our friends and family more than ever. Try to call them, keep following up, it might take a few conversations to get comfortable.

Post or share such contents offering help to your friends and family everyone is doing that but don’t just do it because everyone is doing, do it only if you can make a promise to yourself that you will care about person around you and your love ones as your permanent behaviour.

The death of a magnificent actor Sushant Singh Rajput is a big loss for the entertainment industry, our country, Bihar and especially for Bihar’s Purnia district. He was a big hope and inspiration for youngsters from small towns and remote villages like Maldiha which is 15-16 kilometres from my village Sahsaul.

Contact me if you feel depressed or sad etc It is not that simple-Sushant Singh Rajput-techinfoBiT
Sushant Singh with Family

It’s also hard to believe that he has actually ended his life because he was still well connected to his roots. He uses to visit his native and his family in Bihar, even after becoming one of the most successful Bollywood actors. He must be knowing his journey and how much he had achieved in his life whether it’s acting or education. He might also have experienced the struggles involved to achieve whatever he was.

Contact me if you feel depressed or sad etc It is not that simple-Sushant Singh Rajput-techinfoBiT
Sushant Singh with Family

The smart, super-intelligent, and self-made successful actor like Sushant should have had more courage to face the temporary negativity. At least that’s what his fan and admirer like me had expected from him. I wish he could have opened up with his friends and family about his problems or someone would have reached to him to talk him through. Sushant, you must be having so much pain and you must have been very alone, your emptiness must have killed your hope first.

“Men have emotions too so don’t be shy to cry. It’s okay to let it out and not hold it inside. It’s not a weakness but a sign of strength. Be man enough to feel. Feeling is human.” We can never forget such a positive and inspiring quote you tweeted for a brand promo.

Every songs and dialogue from your movies are special for me, you will always be very special for me. I will miss you every time I watch a Bollywood movie.

Contact me if you feel depressed or sad etc It is not that simple-Sushant Singh Rajput-techinfoBiT
Sushant Singh with MS Dhoni


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