Doesn’t Showing Any File/Folder on External USB Devices


This is one of the most common and irritating problem. I have found this problem in many systems recently.

This is due to a malware which change the attribute of the file and folder due to which you will not able to see your any file and folder which are in external hard disk or on the pendrive. Actually the malware change the attribute of file and make it hidden and system file that’s why you can’t see the file even you enable the show hidden file/folder option.

So here i m writing two method one is to see that file and another is to change the attribute of file/folder to the default.

Show the file/folder:-

1. Open my compute.

2. Click on organize and click on folder and search option (folder option in older windows like xp).

3. Click on view tab.

4. Scroll the option and unitick the “Hide protected operating system files (recommended)

Change the attribute of file/folder:-

1. Open Run type cmd hit enter.

2. Type  cd    you will see something like C:>
                 attrib -h -s *.* /S /D

Change the drive by typing D:(drive letter) hit enter

You will see something like D:>

Again type  attrib -h -s *.* /S /D

Do this in your all drive by changing one by one.

Restart the system .



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