Google and Samsung Join Forces to Make Wear OS Smart & Reliable

Google and Samsung Join Forces to Make Wear OS Smart & Reliable-Price-Launch date-techinfoBiT
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Android-based Google Wear OS is still far from its actual potential as we have seen with the Android OS for smartphones. SmartWatch OS from other brands like Huawei, Samsung, Amazefit, Garmin etc are doing very well without Google’s Wear OS, their independent in-house wearable OS on some premium devices are way more sensible and capable than the Google Wear OS.

And, if we talk about Apple Watch here then that is something we must consider in a completely different league. Apple Watches are generations ahead of the Android Watches. Google has to learn a lot like literally a lot from Apple to make the Wear OS comparable with Apple’s SmartWatches. At this moment the comparison would be unfair.

Google knows that it’s going to be a long journey for Wear OS to compete with existing premium watches hence Google is collaborating with one of the biggest and one of the most successful smartwatch makers Samsung to borrow some features from Samsung’s Tizen, it is not just about the borrowing features but more importantly, Google Wear OS team will learn from the Samsung’s experience and R&D in the Wearable Market. The unified wearable platform will bring the best of Wear OS and Samsung’s Tizen OS for upcoming android based smartwatches.

In my opinion, the primary reason why Wear OS has not done as good as Android OS in the mobile phone industry so far is the lack of attention from the company. Till now Google had not a single product running its Wear OS even when small brands which are just doing business in few small countries are doing extremely well in the SmartWatch market. So far there are hardly 2-3 SmartWatches in the market which can be considered as a good smartwatch and running the Wear OS. So far Google has failed to create the ecosystem for Wear OS hence space is being dominated by brands like Samsung, Huawei, Huami, Garmin, Apple, and few other brands.

The latest leaks and rumours are suggesting that Google is coming soon with the new Unified WearOS based smartwatch, we may see a surge in the market share acquisition by the Wear OS after the release of Pixel Watch. Hopefully, Google Wear OS will get the much-needed attention from the company now and we will have reliable and updated WearOS powered smartwatches soon from different brands.

Google and Samsung Join Forces to Make Wear OS Smart & Reliable-Price-Launch date-techinfoBiT

Google is going to completely revamp the features and UI-UX of the Wear OS. The new Wear OS update also brings some Fitbit things to the fray, like tracking your health progress throughout your day, and on-wrist goal celebrations. Google is also redesigning some important application like Google Maps and Google Assistant, and Google Pay. Google Pay will start working with smartwatches in 26 new countries, beyond the 11 where it’s already available. Additionally, YouTube Music will arrive on Wear OS “later this year”, with features like smart downloads for subscribers to enjoy music on the go.

Google has confirmed that Wear OS device makers are now able to add a “customized user experience” on top of the platform. Similar to the Android mobile phones, the manufacturers like Samsung will be able to sell you a Wear OS or Unified WearOS powered Galaxy Watch running One UI, or MIUI skin on the Mi Watch running Wear OS.

Google and Samsung Join Forces to Make Wear OS Smart & Reliable-Price-Launch date-techinfoBiT

The new Wear OS claimed to be insanely optimised to provide better performance and battery backup even if you are doing optimal use of a smartwatch like running the heart rate sensor, sleep monitor and phone notification throughout the day.

Expected Pixel Watch Launch Date in India:

The launch of the Pixel Watch has been in the rumour for a while now. We don’t have any official date yet but we can expect the launch of the smartwatch by October this year. Pixel Watch is expected to be launched with the Pixel 6 series in October.

Expected Price of Pixel Watch in India:

Any price mentioned anywhere on the internet is only an assumption since based on the market trends; considering the leaks and rumours about the features, Pixel Watch might cost around 35,000 INR in India.


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