Google Play Music is Going Away for Good, Start Getting Use to YT Music

Google Play Music is Going Away for Good, Start Getting Use to YT Music
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Google is killing another application called Google Play Music! Google Play Music is one of the most popular applications and services by Google. So far, Play Music comes as a default audio player on all Android devices hence billions of users are having this as their primary music player. According to the recent data showing on the Google Play Store, Play Music has more than 5 Billion downloads around the globe.

Google Play Music was one of the first default and popular Android apps by Google which is getting discontinued even after having the premium subscription option. Now Google Play Music has been bundled with Google’s YouTube subscription package whereas Google also has an application for music called YT Music (YouTube Music).

YT Music or YouTube Music is basically a mixed version of YouTube and Play Music, YT Music also has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. As I said YT Music is the mixed flavour of both YouTube and Play Music hence it’s lacking the perfection of both Google Play Music and YouTube but eventually, it may be evolved to a perfect combination of both applications.

YT Music has the one-touch toggle button to play the audio and video which switches between audio and video almost immediately depending on your internet speed. In case if the user doesn’t want to stream the video on the YT Music app then there is an option in the app’s setting from where the user may disable the video streaming on the YT Music.

Google Play Music is Going Away for Good, Start Getting Use to YT Music Google Play Music is Going Away for Good, Start Getting Use to YT Music

Killing Google Play Music and asking billions of users to transfer their data to YT Music will never be justified. Google should have worked on improving the Play Music instead. I have been using both applications lately and I have felt that the audio output quality of YT Music is not as good as the Play Music even after setting the streaming quality to “Always High”.

Hopefully, Google will optimize and improve YT Music in all possible ways but what if later Google will merge the YT Music with YouTube and kill the YT Music as well. It may sound weird but Google is very good at killing its popular services for different reasons and now Google has built its reputation among a lot of users that it might replace, stop, and delete any services at any point of time leaving its users with no choice but opting a feature or service which might not be as good as the previous one.

This is what Google has done previously with Google Allo, Inbox, Google Latitude, Orkut, iGoogle, Google URL Shortener, Picasa, etc. These are just some popular services that are either discontinued, merged or replaced by similar or new services of Google; Now it’s hard to rely rather than depend on Google for the services which a user might depend on in daily life.


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