GPS Devices are Becoming Common in School Transport, Here’s Why

GPS Devices are Becoming Common in School Transport, Here's Why-techinfoBiT

Parents send their kids to school and trust the authorities to take the best care of them. Just as much as it is crucial to provide a protective environment inside the school, it is equally essential to ensure the safety of kids during their commute – to school and back.

That is the reason why authorities nowadays are making special efforts to sensitize school bus drivers to ensure safe travelling for kids. At the same time, many schools are also going a step ahead to equip their transport fleet with an advanced car camera & GPS tracking device.

Many GPS tracking devices available in the market claim to provide 360-degree security solutions. However, when it comes to kids’ security, schools must carefully choose the right device that can offer more than just tracking. A dashcam works as a comprehensive smart solution that assures the safety of children travelling by school transport.

Choose a GPS device with an inbuilt dash cam such as KENT CamEye that offers many advanced features for security. This device comes with a dual-camera feature, route playback, and live streaming facility.

Here are some ways in which an advanced GPS tracking device can help provide safe travelling solutions to your school students.

  • Ensure that the Driver Drives Properly

Bus drivers usually drive recklessly and very often pay no heed to the safety of kids. While you, as a school authority personnel, may instruct them to drive safely, you can still not be sure whether they follow safe practices or not. It exposes students to considerable risk. However, if you have installed a smart GPS tracking device in your fleet, you can keep a check on the driver’s activities. Kent CamEye comes with AI-based alerts that can inform you when the drivers indulge in over speeding, breaking signals, or doing anything improper. When they know that you are receiving alerts each time, they will refrain from such activities, which will put parents’ worries to rest.

  • Prevent Kids from Harming Each other

Sometimes, students engage in violent acts inside the bus, which can lead to physical injury or harm. By the time it comes to the notice of the parents or school authorities, it could already be too late. However, if a smart GPS tracker is installed in the buses, kids will refrain from indulging in such activities. It is because a GPS tracking device such as this will give a clear picture to the authorities through the dual camera feature.

  • Prevent any Notorious Activity

Another instance where a student’s security may be at risk is when an unregistered driver takes control of the vehicle. Advanced GPS tracking devices with an in-built dash cam like KENT CamEye come with a face recognition feature that can immediately inform you about any irregular activities. This will help you take the necessary steps in such a situation to ensure that the students’ safety is maintained.

  • Maintain a Record of Trips

Advanced GPS tracking devices also enable recording and live streaming of all the trips made. Data is stored on the cloud and can help you crosscheck details of journeys made, in case there is any legal issue. The route playback feature can help authorities get proper evidence of all trips undertaken.

To ensure maximum security of students, you need a trustworthy device to keep a proper check on kids and the driver alike, while they are on the way. Equipping your school transport fleet with an advanced GPS tracking device can, therefore, be a decisive step to keep the students safe. Purchase KENT CamEye through the Amazon India website. You can also book a demo to understand the product specifications., Install the latest GPS tracking device with dashcam for your school transport fleet and maximize student safety.


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