How to Browse Internet Using Another Computer’s Internet Connection

How to Browse Internet Using Another Computer’s Internet Connection-techinfoBiT
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Today in the rapidly growing tech world the internet has become one of the most important parts of our daily life. Now we have technologies like WiFi which helps your system connect to the internet easily and wirelessly. WiFi is a technology which just needs a WiFi router and a WiFi enabled device to connect to the internet.

But, what if you have multiple wireless-enabled PCs or devices, a wired internet connection, but you do not have WiFi router to connect to the internet. In such situations, one of the methods is to use one of the tools or software available to download which can be used to create a virtual router in your laptop.

There is a small but very efficient and useful application called Virtual WiFi Router it’s completely free utility which can be used to serve the above-mentioned purpose. For setting up that wireless hotspot, all you need is to run this program, set the name of your Virtual Network then set the password to access your virtual WiFi network from other PCs and that is all. After setting up the virtual WiFi network rest all will be managed by this utility called Virtual WiFi Router and your WiFi hotspot will be up and running within minutes and ready to be connected by other PCs and the devices in the house.

For security purpose, it has WPA2 encryption by default, which helps in establishing a secured network.

So, overall we can say that creating WiFi hotspot is an excellent way to connect the multiple devices on the same network that also without having the WiFi router.

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