How To Hide Drive Or Partition In Windows OS


If want to use a complete partition to store your private data and wish to make that partition hidden, then this post definitely help you…!!

Hiding any drive partition is very easy process and this is is one of the best method to hide you private data on your home pc. There are many tricks to hide any partition or drive and also many software are available to do this job but i m stating three way to do this job…

1. By Windows Disk Management Tools.

2. By Editing Registry.

3. By Third Party Application DriveHide.


                                       By Windows Disk Management Tools

This is best and easiest way to do this job in windows 7, this is an in-built application in windows seven for Hard Drive partition and other works. Follow these following steps…

0. Right-Click on My Computer [Computer in Windows Vista and Windows 7]

1. Click On Manage.

2. Click on Disk Management that will be located in the left-bottom section.

3.  All your hard disk and its partitions will be show in the right hand side.

4. Right-Click on the partition that you want to hide

5. Select “Change Drive Letters and Path”.

6. Click on “Remove” and click “Yes”.

7. Your drive will now be hidden in my computer.


                         To unhide the drive or partition

1. Go to Disk Management

2. Right-Click on the hidden partition [there will not be a drive letter on the hidden drive].

3. Select “Change Drive Letters and Path”Click on add and select an appropriate drive letter.

4. Click Ok

5. Now the drive is Visible.


                      By Editing Registry

Open up regedit.exe by using the start menu search box, and then browse down to the following key.


If the Explorer key does not exist, you can right-click on Policies, select New Key and name it Explorer.

The NoDrives key most likely does not exist by default, so you’ll need to create it with right-click new 32-bit DWORD and name it NoDrives.

This value is a 32 bit number, and the bits are arranged in reverse order with a value of 1 hiding that drive. For example, if we wanted to hide drives A: and F: we would arrange it like this:


Converting 100001 to decimal we end up with a decimal value of 33 or a hex value of 0×21, so if you double-click on the key in the registry editor, choose Decimal and then enter 33 into the value field.


In order to see these changes, you’ll need to restart explorer.exe, which you can do easily from Task Manager or the longer way by just logging off and back on.

           Unhide Drive Or Partition

To disable this tweak, simply remove the NoDrives registry key entirely.


                                                             By Third Party Application DriveHide.

DriveHide is an extremely simple program for Vista and Windows 7 with easy-to-use UI.

Hiding a drive is pretty simple. Just launch the program and then select that drive (s) that you want to hide and then click Close button. Just logoff and logon to show/hide drive (s). It’s that simple.


Tool’s Homepage



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