How To Increase Speed Of USB Removal Devices


I have published a post earlier about how to make your computer faster this post is just a part of that. In fact this trick is very common and known but I want to write this post for those who are new in our world of technology….!!

So I want to share a trick how to make your removal device fast.

You can make your removal device fast to make fast copy-paste. This can be done by changing file system of removal devices.    Follow these steps….

0. Backup your all data from removal device before format/changing file system of removal device.

1. Insert you removal device like External HD, PenDrive, Micro SD card etc in the respective port.

2. Open My Computer and right click on removal device’s drive.

3. Click on format >>> a small window will open.

4. Make some change against default settings   >>> Change file system  to NTFS (New Technology File System)

          >>>    Set “allocation unit size” to default.

5. Click on quick format system will take few minutes to complete the format process.

After complete the format re-insert you device enjoy the increased speed…!!

NOTE:- Sometimes copy – paste speed will be slow due to lots of tiny file inside the folder for example if you are trying to copy a folder containing lots of  small file like fonts, notepad files etc then speed may be  little slow whereas if you copy-paste any movie  file of same size will work fast…!!

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