How Do I Know The Source Code Of Any Webpage

How Do I Know The Source Code Of Any Webpage - techinfoBiT

This post is mainly for those who know the programming and have knowledge of  HTML. With the help of this trick you can see the HTML code behind any webpage like Google, Facebook.

If you have good knowledge of any server language like JSP/ASP/HTML/PHP etc then you can copy paste the code of your favourite feature from any webpage at-least you can see how could they creating stylish look of their website.

View Page Source

This tools is now available with almost every browser you don’t have to install any plugins for this feature .

To see the source code or html code behind the webpage

>>>> Open desired page

>>>> Right Click any where on the page

>>>> Click on View Page Source

You will see all HTML code of webpage in new pop-up window something like shown below..

Now if you know the HTML you can understand lots of from the  source code of webpage…!!


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