How to Move Group Chats From WhatsApp to Signal ?

How to Move Group Chats From WhatsApp to Signal-techinfoBiT

Signal has emerged as the best alternative to WhatsApp after the big privacy policy change made by Facebook-owned world’s most popular social media application WhatsApp. This surge in user base was clearly unexpected for Signal hence some users had difficulties registering to the application.

The Signal team knows very well that this is the moment to achieve whatever they have ever imagined or dreamed for Signal, this is the time to emerge as the most secure and reliable social media application around the globe. And, that’s why Signal is doing everything they can to move users from WhatsApp or other similar applications to its platform.

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Today Signal team conducted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit to interact with a new wave of users and to communicate with those who are having issues with the application. That’s not all Signal is also communicating with its users on Twitter to resolve their issues by sharing solutions to migrate WhatsApp to Signal.

Here is How to Move Group Chats From WhatsApp to Signal?

  • Create a group on Signal.
  • Tap into group settings and tap on “Group link.”
  • Turn the toggle on for the group link and tap on Share.
  • Share in your former messenger of choice.

“Links are optional and you can rotate or disable them any time. You can also require approval from a group admin before new members join,” Signal noted.

Once a user completes the process to create a group or once the group is formed, users can:

  • Tap on Share to forward the link to users they want to move.
  • Turn the toggle on or off to approve new members in a group using the share link.
  • Reset link to change the link if users feel it has been over-shared.

So far Signal has all the necessary features which should be in an instant messaging application. Signal has added group calls in in December 2020 which is also free, private, and end-to-end encrypted like everything else on Signal.

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