How To See The Problem Of Distant Computer


There are many tools to support you friends/family over internet by remote access.

But today i am sharing trick which is totally different from remote access.

Today I’m sharing a method to support you friends/family over internet just in few minutes…!!

Support with the help of showmewhatswrong. is a website which will record the screen of your friend’s PC and help you to know the exact trouble happening there.

Follow these steps….

1. Open the website

2. Enter Your Name and Email Address and click on generate.

3. You will got a link to share with your friend

>>> Send that link to you friend via email and ask to click on that link.

4. After opening the link ask your friend to enter his/her name and click on start recording.

5.  After clicking start recording Browser will ask to allow the application on your friend’s computer.

>>>>> allow that request (Required Java).

>>>> Click on Run.

6. After 3 countdown, record will start and maximum length of recording is 5 minutes, you also have audio recording option.

>>> Ask you friend to make that error visible on screen and do the job which giving error.

7. After complete the recording click on stop(right below corner) and the recorded video link will automatically send to your email id.

>>> Open the link and either see or download the video.

8. Now exact trouble in front of you and you will able to suggest exact solution for the trouble.

Watch the complete visual guide and demo by clicking here.


If you have any suggestion on this topic kindly mail me on [email protected] or just leave a comment.


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