How to Solve USB Issues with Microsoft Fix It

How to Solve USB Issues with Microsoft Fix it - techinfoBiT
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You might have faced the issues while connecting the devices and like a printer, scanner or any other USB devices while inserting it into your PC, sometimes Windows does not allow you to remove it using the Safely Remove Hardware dialog box.

It displays messages such as, USB can’t be ejected currently, or sometimes, the icon does not do anything when clicked. You have to plug it out without performing the Safely Remove Hardware check, however, that is not necessary anymore in the recent operating systems.

There is an official Microsoft application which can help you in solving all these issues. Microsoft has released a tool called USB Fix-it that can diagnose and repair all common USB device related and other minor issues on your system.

USB Fix it Checks for the Following Issues in Windows:

  • When USB device is not recognized
  • When USB printer device is not printing
  • When USB storage device cannot be ejected via “Safely Remove Hardware” dialog box

A common reason for the USB device not getting recognized is that the drivers are not installed properly or the registry is corrupted, whereas when the USB printer device is not printing, it might be caused by an earlier failed attempt to unplug the USB printer.

The application provides you with two basic USB troubleshooting modes. The first it will Detect Problems and apply the fixes for me; when using this mode, the program searches for the problems and automatically applies the most viable fixes for them without prompting you to do anything.

Choose “Detect problems and let me select the fixes to apply”, also searches through the computer for all USB related problems, but once the search is complete, it allows you to choose which fixes to apply.

How to Solve USB Issues with Microsoft Fix It - techinfoBiT

When the diagnosis is complete while running the manual (2nd) mode, if any problems are found with the USB devices, you will get an option to select how you wanted to fix or what solution you wanted to apply. You can also select “Explore additional solutions online” and Get your PC’s support in one place to access other solutions offered by Microsoft.

How to Solve USB Issues with Microsoft Fix It - techinfoBiT

The “USB Fix it” is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP and later version of Windows operating system.

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