How To Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Android


If you had a Nokia before getting your smartphone transferring contacts could be a little difficult especially since many of us have over 1000 contacts (more than what a SIM card can hold for transferring). Here’s a dreadfully simple way of doing that !

Follow these steps…

1. Download & Install Nokia Suite in your PC. The software is very straightforward to use.

2. Start by taking a backup of the contacts on your Nokia. You may uncheck other options like Settings or Bookmarks since it’s highly unlikely that they can be used on an Android. After the backup process gets over, you should have a .nbu output file. This, unfortunately is a Nokia Proprietary standard and can be restored only to a Nokia phone.

3. We are going to use an Amazing software called ‘NBU Explorer’. It is going to help us read the contents in your .nbu file and convert the contacts into .vcf

4. All you need to is go to File > Point the .nbu file to this software and export it’s contents in some folder of your PC.

5.  All contacts may be  in each separate .vcf file so don’t worry.

6. Download and install “Wondershare MobileGo” wondershare  MobileGo is very useful application but the full feature is only available for paid user, for paid user they providing a feature by which you could add both Nokia’s and android’s cellphone and transfer contacts and all data easily. With free version you can only import contacts from .vcf file.

7. Open MobileGo and connect you android cellphone via USB or WiFi.

8.  Go to contacts >> click on import and choose “Import contacts from vCard file”.

9. Browse the folder where you exported contacts from nokia’s .nbu file.

10. Select .vcf file or all .vcf files if all contacts are in separate .vcf files and click on open or select to import all files.


after few minutes you will see that all contacts are imported in android phone.


Note: If nbu explorer exported only one vcf file after step 4th than you will have to copy the VCF files into a folder of your Android’s SD card. This data can be used as your contacts by adding them to your phone book in your Android phone’s menu. Although, NBU Explorer lets you extract text messages from the backups, it didn’t work  follow res of steps.

Note: NBU Explorer requires at least Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to work.

If you have a phone like the N95 there is an option to directly move all the contacts from the phone’s memory to the SD card. This saves a few steps and the necessity to install NBU Installer/OVI Suite.

 Update:- The best way to transfer your all contact is, just export all contact  as a .vcf file using Nokia PC Suit and  import that .vcf  file in Gmail or in any email account >>> Add that email account in your cellphone and sync the data. Your all contact will synced on the cellphone as well as it will stored in your email account permanently.

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  1. The best and Easiest way I have done is:
    An NBU file is a Nokia backup file that stores your address book and other contact information on your computer. It works only with Nokia phones, allowing you to restore information if you have a problem. However, you can convert an NBU file to the more standard and compatible VCF (vCard File) easily. With a VCF, you can import the contact information into any number of other applications.

    Right-click the NBU file.

    Select “Nokia PC Suite” from the “Open with” menu. This will open the NBU contacts onto your screen.

    Select “Export” from the File menu

    Select “vCard File” from the drop-down menu.

    Give the VCF a title in the text window.

    Click “Export.” This will convert the contents of the NBU into a VCF file, located in the same folder or make new folder on desktop.

    Than open the that folder you can see all the contacts in VCF formats,
    Copy that folder to external of internal storage of the Android phone. Download free app True Contact from Play store, open the same and from option select Import contact from External source.
    And see all the contacts copied in the Contact list…

  2. Thanks dear, it was really helpful. Can u suggest any way to transfer messages and calender and other data also from nokia to samsumg

  3. This is great Nishanth ! Thank you for this wonderful process steps on transferring all the contacts.. You have saved a lot of time.. Thanks a million ! Thanks once again


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