How To Improve PageRank In Search Engines With Webmaster Tools

How To Improve PageRank In Search Engines With Webmaster Tools-techinfoBiT-Tech-Blog-Bangalore

Writing good content is one thing and getting it ranked on the Google Search result is the other, improving page rank and getting good audience reach for any content is not an easy task for sure. To get the good search result rank and better visibility the content should be written following the al SEO structures and guidelines.

Even updating your blog on daily is not enough to improve your page rank and visibility. Google may index your blog by itself but that may take some time and may not be good structured, probably the best practice is to organize your blog data and submit it to Google using Google Search Console. Many search engine might not index any such blogs or websites having very low traffic by itself so submitting your site manually would definitely a right thing to do.

Every search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc are providing the online tool to submit your site, sitemap, and robots.txt. Add your website to the different search engine via their webmaster tools, verify the website ownership and then submit the sitemap and robots.txt.

Yahoo Site Explorer/Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing and Yahoo search have merged their webmaster tools into Bing Webmaster Tools so you only have to Submit your site to the Bing Webmaster Tools to get it indexed in Bing and Yahoo search results.

Click Here to open the Bing Webmaster Tools.

Open Bing Webmaster Tools Login with windows live, Hotmail or any Microsoft account and submit your site to for indexing.

Ask Webmaster

Click Here to open Ask Webmaster Page.

Sign in using your Account if you don’t have to ask account sign up and create your account with any of your existing email accounts.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools also called Search Engine Console is as good as the google search engine, Google Search Engine Console has many features which will help you index, optimize, and even learn to optimize your website/blog.

Click Here to open google webmaster tools.

Sign in with your Google account and submit your site to indexing/listing. Follow this article to know more about how to submit your sites to Google Search Console.


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