How To Improve PageRank In Search Engines With Webmaster Tools


Improving page rank in search engine isn’t difficult work today but many website/blog owner are not aware with the free tools and trick to improve the pager rank in search engine.

Making a blog and updating it daily is not enough to improve your page rank. To improve your page rank in any search engine you have to submit your Website/blog URL to the respective search engine. Many search engine is not listing or indexing any such blog or website having very low traffic until you submit you URL to the respective search engine like Bing, yahoo, ask etc.

In fact every search engine is helping the blogger/webmaster to improve the page rank that’s why every search engine providing a free tools called webmaster tools which have option to submit the site link to the search engine to indexing your site. You just have to submit your website URL to search engine and  verify with uploading provided code  to your website.

Yahoo Site Explorer/Bing Webmaster Tools

With the completion of algorithmic transition to Bing, Yahoo! Search has merged Site Explorer into Bing Webmaster Tools. Webmasters should now be using the Bing Webmaster Tools to ensure that their websites continue to get high quality organic search traffic from Bing and Yahoo…!!

Click Here to open the Bing Webmaster Tools.

Open Bing Webmaster Tools Login with windows live or hotmail  id and submit you site to for indexing.

Ask Webmaster

Click Here to open Ask Webmaster Page.

Sign in using your Account if you don’t have ask account sign up and create your account.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools is as best as the google search engine google also offered some other application to help your website indexing easily.

Click Here to open google webmaster tools.

Sign in with your google account and submit your site to indexing/listing.


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