Infographic Tutorial: This is How to Make One


Studies show people are more likely to remember information when it’s presented as an image. Creating an infographic is a great and memorable way to present data and details visually. You’ve seen infographics on websites, in newspapers, or on television and probably wondered how to create an infographic.

In this article, we’ll provide a quick infographic tutorial. We’ll share ideas on how to make an infographic stand out and offer suggestions for creating infographics that work best for websites, social media, and other marketing tactics.
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An Infographic Tutorial for the Busy Person

Sure, you can study graphic design in school and learn the fundamentals of creating engaging visuals. But who has time for that? With our tutorial, you can make an attention-grabbing infographic in minutes.

Start with Templates:

There are many websites and apps for your phone or tablet that include ready-made templates for your infographic. These are usually divided by industry or area of interest. Templates save lots of time and make your infographic look professional.

Get the Data:

Your infographic has to share information about a topic. If you don’t already have the data, you can find it using web searches or online information databases. Stick with numbers that get people’s attention and are relevant to your subject.

Visualize the Data for Your Audience:

An expert in your field will want to see more detail in your data, but someone with a passing interest may only need basic information. Consider the audience who will see the infographic before you start building it.

Try Different Designs:

Making an infographic involves a little trial and error. Use contrasting colours and large symbols or icons that are easy to recognize. Experiment with fonts and font sizes to find the right style for your message.

A very large handwriting style font, for example, is probably not the best choice for sharing scientific data. And small fonts with technical drawings are poor options for an infographic about parenting.

Creating an infographic is even easier with this infographic maker. It provides you with templates, graphic elements, and everything you need to make an infographic on your phone or tablet.

Share Your Infographic:

You’ve gathered your data, made it easy to understand, and put it into a design. Now it’s time to share it. For social media, check the recommended image sizes for each network to ensure your infographic will look its best.

If you are including your infographic in a slideshow, make sure the image is in a 16;9 ratio for widescreen presentations. Or you can separate the sections of your infographic to fit on multiple slides. If you plan to print your infographic, save your file as a high resolution (150-300dpi) JPEG or PNG file to make sure it prints well.

Create Effective Infographics:

Making an infographic is a great way to share lots of information in a concise and memorable way. Remember to include data that is relatable to your audience. And consider design templates and apps to save time and make your infographic look professional.
If you’re interested in other tips and advice like this infographic tutorial, check out the rest of our blog.


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