RCTC Mobile Ticket Booking | Book Train Ticket on Mobile Phone

RCTC Mobile Ticket Booking | Book Train Ticket on Mobile Phone
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IRCTC mobile is a unique secure transaction solution residing on your mobile phone, which allows you to book railway tickets from anywhere in given timeframe. The IRCTC mobile has an attractive and user-friendly interface to facilitate easy navigation and has the capability to book tickets in real time and store tickets details which makes it an ideal train ticket booking solution.

Once you enter your mobile number in the IRCTC web page, you will be automatically registered, you can download and install IRCTC mobile on your Java-enabled mobile phone and you can start booking railway tickets through your IRCTC mobile and pay through the credit card/debit card/cash card.


  • You need to be an IRCTC user
  • Have a Java-enabled mobile phone or a smartphone
  • Have GPRS service activated on your mobile phone
  • Have a credit card/cash card.
Note: Currently, you can pay using any Visa/MasterCard or ITZ Cash Cards and this service is not available for CDMA mobile users

Railway Ticketing Features Available via IRCTC Mobile

IRCTC mobile only allowing railway ticket booking and a few other features which are as follows:

  • Register to IRCTC through mobile phone
  • Book ticket through your mobile phone
  • View booked ticket details
  • View train route
  • View fare
  • View availability
  • View train details
  • Manage passenger list on IRCTC mobile
  • Fast booking option.

How to Get the IRCTC Mobile Service on Mobile?

  • Register for the service
  • Download and install the IRCTC mobile on your mobile phone
  • Activate IRCTC mobile on your mobile phone
  • Your IRCTC mobile is now ready for use.

How to Download IRCTC Mobile?

  • Post registration, the user will receive a service SMS (WAP SMS) with a download link
  • User accepts the WAP SMS by selecting it or by accepting it or by clicking the link in the WAP SMS
  • This will result in downloading of the IRCTC mobile application
  • The application will prompt the user to ‘install’
  • The user selects ‘Yes’ to install the application on to the mobile phone
  • Once installed, IRCTC mobile icon will appear on the phone menu/games/application/my own folders.

How to Activate the IRCTC Mobile?

Please follow the steps given below to activate IRCTC mobile on your mobile phone:

  • Select the IRCTC mobile icon on your mobile phone
  • Set a PIN for IRCTCmobile. This PIN will be used for your future logins
  • IRCTC mobile will connect to the IRCTC’s back-end server and initiate the activation process
  • IRCTC mobile will download the necessary information by synchronizing with the IRCTC’s backend server.
  • The IRCTC mobile main menu is now activated on the phone screen.

Update:- Download official IRCTC  application for android user and login with your IRCTC credentials. Railway Ticket Booking on mobile is easier than ever.


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