Jio Annual Celebration Pack Offering 2GB Free 4G Data Per Day

Jio Celebration Pack offering 2GB free 4G data per day, the offer may valid until March 17. How to check for Jio Celebration Pack or current plans?

Jio Annual Celebration Pack Offering 2GB Free 4G Data Per Day-How to check for Jio Celebration Pack-techinfoBiT

Reliance Jio on its 2nd anniversary, offering 2GB free data per day for some random Jio Prime users. Most of the Reliance Jio users with Jio prime membership and an active plan may get a total of 8 GB free data which will be valid for up to 7 days. This offer allows the Jio mobile network subscribers to consume the 2GB free 4G data per day during the offer period.

Suppose a user has got the offer already and also having 1.5 GB per day data plan as their existing subscription plan, so during the offer period, the user will get a total 3.5 GB (1.5 GB + 2 GB) of daily data limit until March 17th.

“Jio Celebration Pack is on a random basis as a good gesture from Jio,” said one of the Jio customer care executives. So it is not compulsory that all Jio Prime or Jio users will receive this offer. You may have also read on multiple blogs and news portal that every Jio users will get this offers and the offer will be valid for 4 days or until the March 17 but the Jio Care officials said the totally different thing.

I have asked the Jio Care representative via chat about the offers, Jio Executive has said that the offer is on a random basis as a good gesture from Jio and its validity is 7 days.

Jio Annual Celebration Pack Offering 2GB Free 4G Data Per Day-techinfoBiT-Jio Care-Jio Chat

Jio Celebration Pack will get activated automatically, so if you haven’t received the offer yet then there is nothing you can do activate it manually, calling or chatting with the Jio care executive will also not help you as they don’t have the exact information about this offer.

How to Check for Jio Celebration Pack or Current Plans?:

  • Open MyJio App, if you do not have the My Jio App then go to the Play Store or App
  • Store and download the MyJio App on your phone.
  • Login with your Jio number if it’s asking to login.
  • Tap the three horizontal lines icon (menu) on the top left.
  • Go to My Plan
  • Go to Current Plan
  • Look for the Jio Celebration Pack

There are many Jio Prime users who have not received the “Jio Celebration Pack” yet, so if you haven’t received the Jio Free data plan yet then you are not alone, wait because contacting to the Jio care is not going to help on this.


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