Jio Fiber Releasing Commercially on Sep 5th with Free 4K LED TV and 4K Set Top Box


The chairman of Reliance Industries Mr Mukesh Ambani has announced the commercial release date of much-awaited Reliance Jio Fiber. The company has been testing the Jio Fiber for homes and offices from more than last one year and now it seems that it is ready to be launched commercially. The Jio Fiber connection will be available commercially from September 5th 2019.

Jio Fiber will be the multipurpose connection to fulfil the all major connectivity needs. The chairman of Reliance Industries has announced in its 42nd Annual General Meeting that the Jio Fiber will bundle the landline phone connection, lightning-fast internet connection, home security, VR-MR contents, video conferencing, TV cable connection, IoT and smart home solutions.

Mukesh Ambani also said that user will have to pay only for the Internet connection and rest everything else will be complementary free of cost.


The Jio Fiber plans will start from INR 700 monthly for the starting download speed of 100 Mbps which would be way cheaper than the existing broadband plans being offered by other fixed broadband providers. Currently, other broadband providers are charging twice or even more than that just for the similar broadband speed.

With Jio Fiber customers, will have to pay just 700 rupees monthly for 100 Mbps plan which also includes an unlimited free call on the fixed-line phone free TV cable connection and access to the tons of premium application for free. Jio Fiber will offer the lightning-fast internet connectivity at an affordable price the starting internet speed of Jio Fiber will be 100 Mbps whereas the highest internet speed will be 1Gbps. A detailed Jio Fiber plan will be released on September 5th on Jio website and MyJio app.

What is “First Day First Show” Feature of Jio?

Reliance Jio Fiber user will get this unique feature by mid-2020, the feature called “First Day First Show” will be made available to all Jio Fiber users where people will be able to watch some movies right from home on the day of their release.

What is Jio Fiber Welcome Offer?

Mukesh Ambani has announced the “Jio Fiber Welcome Offer” as a promotional offer for Jio Fiber subscribers. Under the ‘Jio Fiber Welcome Offer,’ subscribers will get a free LED 4K TV and 4K Set Top Box free with the Jio Fiber annual subscriptions. Jio will reveal more information about the Jio Fiber Welcome Offer and other plans details about the Jio Fiber on the company’s official website by September 5th 2019.


Reliance Jio Fiber will revolutionize the fixed broadband industry as it has done in the mobile network industry. Reliance Jio has commercially launched just three years back and it is already the biggest network provider in India and 2nd biggest mobile network provider in the world with the reach in a single country. Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance has already excelled in the mobile phone industry with the Jio Mobile network and now Ambani is aiming the same for the fixed broadband industry.

Startup Will Get the Free Cloud and Internet Access from Jio:

Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries has also made a big announcement for Indian startups. Reliance Jio will provide the internet and cloud data service absolutely free for Indian startups. Not just the free internet and cloud services but Reliance will also invest in startups to help them grow. The company has teamed up with Microsoft to establish the data centres in India so that Indian data on the cloud will remain in India.


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