Manufacturer of Freedom 251 is Under Government Scrutiny

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Are you also one of those who woke up early in the morning to book Freedom 251 SmartPhone? It was really surprising and we all thought, how is this possible that someone can sell a brand new smartphone with such specifications in just Rs 251!

Initially, I thought the company might be getting a subsidy by Indian government but company’s official said that it has nothing to do with the government and company is not getting any type of subsidy from anywhere.

So if it’s not getting any subsidy from anywhere then we highly doubt that they are actually going to release the device or deliver the device to the buyers who have booked the device from their website.

On 18th, the company has got a massive number of pre-order requests from all over India but only a few of them have got any payment related confirmation. The news is finally coming that the Indian government’s excise department and I-T department has started looking at the company’s business model and financial structure.

Now considering the news and some obvious fact it seems nothing more than another big scam. Thanks to Indian government agencies for stepping into the matter.

There are many facts apart from the impossibility of manufacturing the device at such a low price. Have you noticed these following things?

Manufacturer of Freedom 251 is Under Government Scrutiny
Image Source: GSMArena

1. Just after the announcement, they have swapped the image of SmartPhone on their website.

Manufacturer of Freedom 251 is Under Government Scrutiny
Image Source:

2. You might have seen many reviews and hands-on article/video about Freedom 251 but have you noticed the device image properly? Actually, they don’t even have any prototype during the announcement event so they have used a device of their rival Adcom and distributed the same device to media for reviews. Adcom is a Chinese company, and they are currently selling the same model in the Indian market for around Rs. 3000/-

3. Ringing Bells President Ashok Chaddha clarified that “it wanted to show a sample or prototype of what the handsets will look like. This is not the final piece.”

4. The UI icons were entirely identical to those found on the Apple iPhone.

5. Ringing Bells CEO claims they are a registered Android Partner, although the company is not on the list. They have not submitted a phone for certification within the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) either.

These questions and facts are enough to prove that they don’t have any product plan and any prototype yet, still they are claiming that they will manufacture the device in Rs 251.

Now the big question is will they deliver the device to buyers ! which clearly seems impossible, So if they are not going to deliver the device will they will at least return the money to users, who already made the payment.

It will be interesting to see how the government will deal with this when someone trying to scam using our national flag and when the Indian government are encouraging projects like Make In India and Digital India..!!


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