Muse Hybrid SmartWatch is Coming with More Than a Year of Battery Backup | Release Date of Muse Wearables


SmartWatches or fitness trackers are an amazing piece of wearable tech, it can track your all physical activity and it can also help you receive the phone notifications very easily and conveniently. Not only the keeping track of fitness and phone notification there are tons of other features in the recently launched smartwatches some of those features doesn’t even make any sense sometimes like the camera and music options on the SmartWatches. It’s good to have all the features but those features will consume the resources whereas eliminating those rarely used features can improve the other useful performances with an extra battery backup which is really really important.

I am among the very few tech enthusiasts who are still not using any fitness tracker or smartwatches, the reasons for other people like me can be different but for me charging and bulky design is the main reason behind not using the smartwatch. The basic fitness trackers like Xiaomi Mi Band is having fair battery backups but then there I will have to compromise with the features, overall it’s just the fitness tracker with minimal features.

Recently I came to know about Muse Wearables, the Hybrid SmartWatch to release next month, when I first heard about the upcoming product and idea the only one thing came to my mind is that “oh ! this is what I was expecting from the smartwatch I wanted to have”

I have had a chance to chat with Mr KLN Sai Prasanth, an IIT Madras alumni and the CEO and Co-founder of Conzumex the company behind the brand Muse Wearables. Mr Prasanth has explained about the Muse SmartWatch from its inception and the idea behind the coming up with Hybrid SmartWatch when other many big tech companies are already in this game.

Muse Hybrid SmartWatch Is Coming With More Than A Year Of Battery Backup-Price & Release Date Of Muse Wearables-techinfoBiT

I haven’t used the product yet but Muse Hybrid SmartWatch looks really innovative and futuristic wearable product on paper. This might not replace the existing SmartWatch and Fitness Trackers but Muse wearables will create its own consumer and fan base, Muse will also reach to people like me who don’t like the bulky wearables and a smartwatch that needs to be charged every other day like a mobile phone.

Muse is an analog hybrid smartwatch which has a stylish classic design, intelligent, innovative, and really really long battery backup. Muse Hybrid smartwatches can give you more than ONE YEAR of battery backup on a single charge. During my conversation with Mr Prasanth, he said the battery may last even more than one and half year but officially we are going to mention only a year of battery backup.

Muse Hybrid SmartWatch is not just a wearable device with more than a year of battery backup but also have many more amazing features which are as follows:

Key Features of Muse Hybrid SmartWatch:

  • Bluetooth wireless connection
  • Water resistant
  • Music and camera control
  • NFC payment
  • Fitness tracking
  • Smart Notifications
  • Sleep tracking
  • Auto time zone update
  • Sun UV monitor
  • Smart sleep alarm
  • Find/Forgot phone alert
  • Set activity goals
  • 1-Year battery backup
  • 2-Year warranty
  • SOS alert

As you can see in the key features it has almost all the necessary features we expect from an ideal smartwatch. Isn’t it fascinating to have all these extremely useful features with the stylish design with a smartwatch which can run more than a year just on one charge !!

Muse Hybrid SmartWatch Is Coming With More Than A Year Of Battery Backup- Price & Release Date Of Muse Wearables - techinfoBiT

The SmartWatch will be supported by an AI integrated mobile app built by the company. Mr Prasanth claims that the app will not be like just another fitness app, it will be smart and intelligent thanks to the AI integration. You can have an intriguing conversation with the app about the fitness, nutrition and finance.
Muse Hybrid SmartWatch Is Coming With More Than A Year Of Battery Backup- Price & Release Date Of Muse Wearables - techinfoBiT

“There is a big opportunity in the Wearable technology space and no one has cracked it yet,” says Prashanth, CEO of Conzumex Industries Pvt Ltd. “When you see wearables, most of them are considered as tech gadgets that need to be maintained, Lack in fashion, have poor battery life, too complex to use, and lesser software functionality makes the adoptability very low”.

Muse Hybrid SmartWatch Is Coming With More Than A Year Of Battery Backup- Price & Release Date Of Muse Wearables - techinfoBiT

He says their customers wouldn’t face the same challenges. Muse watch has a timeless design with all the fashion elements which reflects the user’s personality, while the technology takes care of all the smart functionalities like, fitness, automatic time updates, UV recommendations, smart notifications, NFC payments etc. All this can be achieved without the need of recharging the watch for one full year.

Muse watch syncs with an “Internet of You” mobile platform which is an amalgamation of Smart devices, Artificial intelligence and Exergaming. The app talks to the users in a conversational way to provide services in fitness, food and finance.

Price and Release Date Of Muse Hybrid SmartWatch:

India is the price sensitive and competitive market for smartphones, accessories or any other gadgets. If any new company or brand is trying to penetrate in Indian market then its product has to be offering unique features at an affordable price tag whether the company is Indian or not.

Luckily, Muse wearable product seems to have packed really useful and catchy features on the paper, there is a high chance that the Muse Hybrid SmartWatch will gain popularity in the Indian or Global market as soon as it will be released.

The Muse Hybrid SmartWatch will be launched in four variations whereas all the features will be the same in all variations. These SmartWatches will be only different in colour and strip materials, among these four there will be limited edition gold and black colour variation with a slightly higher price tag.

Muse Hybrid SmartWatch Is Coming With More Than A Year Of Battery Backup- Price & Release Date Of Muse Wearables - techinfoBiT

We do not have the exact information about the pricing for the different products specifically but CEO of the company mentioned that the prices will be between 6,500 to 10,500 Indian rupees which will be around 99 USD to 149 USD for the global market.

Muse Premium Hybrid SmartWatch Is Coming With More Than A Year Of Battery Backup- Price & Release Date Of Muse Wearables - techinfoBiT (1)

The release date of Muse Hybrid SmartWatch – Conzumex Industries is going to launch the Muse SmartWatch globally on June 4, 2018.

Update: Conzumex has postponed the global release date for 10 days, and now it will be launched on June 14th or 15th.

If you are signing up on their website before the release then you may get the amazing Muse Hybrid SmartWatch at the even lower price. The company is providing the 55% discounts for the 500 early birds. Go to to register yourself.


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