New Internet of Things (IoT) Course By Jigsaw Academy

New Internet Of Things (IoT) Course By Jigsaw Academy-techinfoBiT-Indian-Tech

Internet Of Things is the true future of technology and the tech industry. IoT brings the concept of Smart Home, Industrial Automation, Self-Driving Cars etc into reality and there are lots more to come. The Internet Of Things is not so much trending in the Indian tech industry yet and it may take a few more years when everyone will talk only about the IoT.

Jigsaw Academy has launched an online course for IoT one of the first fo it’s kind. The IoT course introduced by Jigsaw Academy is the first fully structured and comprehensive course about the IoT in India. The course is extremely hands-on and designed to make you a full stack IoT expert. Jigsaw Academy is among the very few institutions that understand the future of technology and offering all the latest course about Big Data, Data Analytics and now IoT course.

Jigsaw IoT course is a complete online course and it comes with three types:

  1. Certified IoT Professional – 18 Hours
  2. Certified IoT Analyst – 19 Hours
  3. Full Stack IoT Expert – 37 Hours

Know The Full Details About The Course

IoT is an extensive field where anyone from electronics, computer science or mechanical domain can find an opportunity. As this industry grows, more software engineers, more data scientists; and more product managers will be required, so this might be the right time to be IoT-ready and to update your skills with the latest tech.

IoT is creating massive opportunities for superior career advancement and professional growth. There has been no better time for you to invest in your career with IoT than the present.

“The global demand for IoT developers will stand at 4.5 million by the year 2020.” – Accenture
“The average annual salary for an IoT Architect is $179,000/-.” – Indeed Salary Search


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