OnePlus 8 Series Phones Might Feature the Wireless Charging and IP Rating

OnePlus 8 Series Phones Might Feature the Wireless Charging and IP Rating-techinfoBiT

OnePlus mobile phones are undoubtedly one of the most popular android phones, especially in the Indian market. Mobile phone manufacturer is releasing too many good and premium Android phones every year in the market but if you love the stock Android or looking for the premium, feature-packed smartphones then you might have the limited options. OnePlus gain popularity because of its clean stock Android experience and packing the top-notch feature for the competitive price tags.

So far OnePlus is lacking the wireless charging and an IP rating on its phones, however, the recent OnePlus smartphones have passed several water resistance tests done by some blogger but it’s not having any official water resistance ratings yet. Now, it looks like the company is finally going to introduce official IP rating for the upcoming OnePlus Phones.

A frequent tipster Max J has tweeted a concept image, suggesting that the OnePlus 8 series will gain a significant IP rating (i.e. IP67 or IP68). Check it out below.

This is just a concept image from an unofficial source so it would be too soon to say anything with surety; we have seen many leaks and suggestions that hinted that the upcoming OnePlus 8 series Phones might have the wireless charging and official IP rating. OnePlus 8 series launch is a couple of months away. The truth about wireless charging and IP rating will be revealed only after the release of OnePlus 8 series phones or unless we get any such announcement from the company official.


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