OnePlus Officially Teases Smart Band; Expected Design, Price & Specs

OnePlus Officially Teases Smart Band; Expected Design, Price & Specs, Release Date In India-techinfoBiT

We have been getting news and notification about the OnePlus SmartWatch for a long while but still, there is no official information about the first-ever SmartWatch by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus. However, OnePlus teased the company’s first Fitness Band or SmartBand on its social media sites. It was not the product that OnePlus fans were expecting after going through tons of news and leaks about the WearOS powered OnePlus smartwatch.

The segment which OnePlus targeting is overcrowded, there are fitness bands and smart bands from companies like Samsung, Redmi, Realme, Honor, Muse, Amazfit and many more; it won’t be an easy path for OnePlus while all other brands are already in this segment and doing a lot of innovation and product enhancement for years.

It’s another aspect that OnePlus got the ecosystem and environment ready to launch the products like SmartBand, the failure and mistakes of the product of other brands will be a helpful case study for OnePlus and hopefully, OnePlus will not make the mistakes like other companies with their initial fitness tracker or SmartBand.

Expected Key Features of OnePlus Smart Fitness Band:

  • 24/7 Heart Rate + SpO2 Blood Saturation Monitoring
  • Sleep Tracking
  • 1.1″ Touch AMOLED Display
  • 14 Days Battery
  • IP68
  • 13 Exercise Modes

The key specifications of OnePlus Band or OnePlus Fitness Band are being circulated on various tech news portals and tech-related social media pages. Few leaks are circulating with the images claiming to be the photoshoot of OnePlus Fitness Band.

Expected Price and Release Date of OnePlus SmartBand:

So far OnePlus has just teased a glimpse of the OnePus band, apart from this nothing about OnePlus Band is official yet. OnePlus SmartBand is expected to be launched on January 11th in India, the price of OnePlus Smart Band is expected to be INR 2499. Release date and price are based on news and leaks around the world, official notification on this is still awaited.


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