OnePlus Reveals Type C USB Connectivity for Next Flagship OnePlus 2

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OnePlus 2 will be the first flagship with C – Type USB Connector. The company on Monday confirmed that the upcoming flagship will feature USB Type-C connectivity. Making the announcement on its Google+ page and Twitter, the company spokesperson posted, “Our second spec revealed: The OnePlus2 will be the first flagship smartphone to use the latest Type “C” USB. We want to lead the way in power connectivity.

“The highlight of the USB Type-C cable is that it’s reversible so you don’t need to check which side of the connector is up while inserting it. The Type-C port on the OnePlus 2 could allow file transfer speeds up to 10Gbps and allow the smartphone to charge faster.
Last week, OnePlus confirmed it would be using Qualcomm’s top-end mobile processor, the Snapdragon 810, in its upcoming OnePlus 2 smartphone.

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The company has also claimed that it would use a newer version (v2.1) of the SoC, to avoid the heating issues involving the first generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. According to OnePlus’s timeline image, they are going to reveal the next feature/specification on 25th.

There are rumours that it may be 4GB RAM, QHD screen, 16MP rear camera, 3300mAh battery etc. It will be too soon to say anything, but personally, I’m expecting 16MP rear camera and QHD screen.



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